What do dreams about your teeth mean

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One theory is that dreams about your teeth reflect your anxiety about your appearance and how others perceive you. ChaCha On! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-dreams-about-your-teeth-mean ]
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What do dreams about teeth mean?
You should go see your dentist
Why do I always have dreams about my teeth falling out or crumbli…?
It depends on what culture you are from. In North America (where most of our ‘teachings’ are based on science) we look to see what the item in the dream means. Teeth are used to grind and break apart, the process we go through before digest…
When You Dream You Teeth Falls Out, What Does It Mean??
I read that is when you are afraid of losing control of something in your life

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What do dreams about your teeth falling out mean?
Q: i have dreams about my teeth falling out all the time. and i mean ALL the time. i had one last night. and i always freak out because all of my teeth are coming out and my mouth is all messed up. what on earth does this mean??
A: Classically it means that a family member is very ill or dying. I have not yet found a case where this was true. Is that true in your case?
what does it mean if you have dreams about your teeth falling out?
Q: ive had a few dreams lately that one of my teeth has fallen out. its not the same tooth in every dream though. i just went to the dentist and there was nothing wrong. what can these dreams symbolize or mean?
A: Okay well my mother told me that when you dream about loosing your teeth it means you’re going to be sick….lol, I know it sounds crazy and I don’t really believe it either but a lot of off the wall things that she’s told me have been true.
What do dreams about teeth cleaning mean?
Q: I think teeth falling out means death, but does teeth cleaning have the same meaning?? A coworker of mine who I have no issues with was cleaning my teeth in this dream…
A: Maybe it is your breath and your sub-conscious relates it to you teeth. Or maybe there was something stuck in your teeth , your sub-conscious detected it and your tongue removed it and you woke in the process.
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