What do guys really think about

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All guys are different. Not all men think about the same things. Most men think about girls. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-guys-really-think-about ]
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What do guys really think?
Boys only think with their genitals. Men do not. When I was 13, I thought about: sports, girls, video games, school…
What do guys really think about girls?
Noone can speak for all guys, but personally when I first see a girl whether I notice her or not depends on her looks, which I’m not really proud of but theres no way to tell a girls mental capabilities by just looking at her. In class, whe…
Who do you guys think really is responsible for 9/11??
The Military industrial complex and Zionists. Most of the actual ground work was done by Mossad operatives working under the cover of the ‘Urban Moving Systems’ company, 5 of whom were arrested on 9/11 itself,but released by dual Israeli Mi…

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What do guys really think about the physical apperance of girls?
Q: I’m just curious as to what most normal, everyday guys think about girls.I suspect girls care more about their physical characteristics then the guys they date do. So tell me, what do you guys really think about:-hair color-skin color-chest size-stretch marks-small butt/big butt-body hair-height
A: For me I like women to be fairly in shape hair color doesn’t really matter. If they have a pretty face and a nice personality (not meaning fat) meaning not relly demand and just a genuine person the rest of the person doesn,t have to be perfect. But if the girl is very high maintenace or just plain annoying I would be more critical of what she looked like. It is very hard for me to think someone who thinks they are better than you or appears to be very friendly ie. sleasy to be good loking. But it is very easy to think someone is more physically attractive if they are a nice person. Personality will almost always out way looks if the guy is looking for a long term relationship. If the guy is just looking for a one night stand most likely he just wants a girl with a really nice looking butt and breast and willing to put out.
How do guys really think about girls that are overweight?
Q: I’m pretty, but I’m overweight. I’m about 230lbs, and 16. I’ve always been fat, but gained 50+ pounds when I lost my dad.It’s not like I’m lazy, and I love sports, I’m pretty athletic too.What do guys really think about girls like me?Do guys actually want to have sex with girls like me?I’ve had sex before, but I’m just curious.
A: Ok, in the interest of full disclosure.I am a guy (normal, whatever that is) and a Christian.I do not like “fat” women. Why?Well, you can call me a sexistWell, you can call me insensitiveWell, you can call me anything that makes you feel better,ButYour body is a templeAnd if you are treating it badly…how would you treat me???Just a thought, not so much a judgementI certainly do not think you are lazy, I am sorry you lost your dad (we all did, or will) but you can not use excuses. Just pull yourself up by your bootstraps and treat your body like a temple…and all will fall into place. yes it will be difficult – as all victories areGod bless
What do women really think about bald guys?
Q: What do women want? I shave my head because yes like so many good looking guys, I am cursed with balding. It sucks! I mean… I’m still confident and all, cause I dont really care but.. what do you all really think about it when you see that guy who’s cute but bald?
A: I think the majority of women don’t care as long as the guy has other things to offer. #1 your cute, that is a bonus. #2 if u have a personality and sense of humor – major bonus. However, if your bald, boring and ugly….forshame. It sounds like u don’t have anything to worry about. Confidence is a great attribute as well. However, don’t shave your head unless you really can pull it off. There is nothing worse than a bald person with a really bad shaped head.
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