What do people have anxiety attacks over

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Environmental condition, family medical condition, personality, brain chemistry, and past trauma can all trigger anxiety attacks. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-people-have-anxiety-attacks-over ]
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People with panic and anxiety attacks; Am I schizophrenic??
Your panic and anxiety attacks, if really severe, can mess with you. Puberty is the age when hormones kick in, adding to the mix, but is also the age when schizophrenia can begin to a lessor extent. Common age to ‘present’ is 18-22 or so. Y…
How many people have anxiety attacks?
I use to and it got real bad so i sought the help of a doctor and she gave me pills and now im feeling much better…. medicated but better…
Why do people get panic attacks and anxiety?
People get panic for many different reasons. I do not know why I have it, although I think I got it …

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How can I get over anxiety attacks without taking medicine?
Q: I have some severe anxiety attacks when I procrastinate on getting things done, but if I get things done too early, then I still get anxiety attacks as if I still need to do something. I’m quite panicked and it’s getting to the point where I don’t want to be around too many people. I am at my wits end, and I’ve isolated myself away from people. Also, my anxiety causes me to overeat and I am about 70 lbs. overweight and don’t have a grip on anything. I especially get anxious the day before I have to go to work. I work in healthcare and am especially anxious the day before. It is affecting my life. Does someone have some fool-proof advice? I’d prefer not to take meds (I’m already on some meds), but maybe a clue as to a different way of thinking might help me emensely. Thank you…
A: Almighty God is your best Healer. God loves you, and you are precious to Him. Jesus died on the Cross to save us from condemnation, and qualifying us to Heaven. Heaven is all light and love, eternal without end. This life is short and uncertain. Never, never, miss Heaven for anything of this troubled world. Best wishes for happiness and Heaven!
Why do people having anxiety attacks breath into a paper bag?
Q: They always show people breathing into a bag in movies when they are having an anxiety attack. What could possibly be beneficial about that?
A: Ppl having an anxiety attack hyperventilate, meaning they are breathing too fast. This causes too much carbon dioxide to be released from the blood and causes the blood to become alkaline. Breathing into a bag is a simple way to cause the person to inhale the carbon dioxide they are expelling thus rebalancing the blood gas ratios, and has a calming effect. If the person wasn’t treated, she would probably faint. This in itself would slow her breathing and rebalance the gases. But we don’t like for ppl to faint, thus the paper bag treatment.
Looking for people in the general San Jose area with anxiety attacks and such to talk with?
Q: I have developed Anxiety attacks. Followed by anorexia. Is there anyone going through something similar who would be willing to chat about this? I am in my 30’s and a mom. Its really hard anymore.
A: Hi, I am the author of http://panicattackresearch.blogspot.comDo not worry, I am not spamming my site – my site don’t sell products or anything. My site is solely dedicated to panic-attacks or people whom have anxiety. I give tips on how to sleep even if you have anxiety.Please do visit and post any questions there or here so that I can help you further.I have been a sufferer for 12-years and am doing well. My blog is dedicated to help. I will be updating my blog every 5-7 days on new ways to cope anxiety. I have just made few good entries on coping – I hope it will help you.I started out taking prozac 20mg daily.. then it dropped to 10mg and now I am just taking 5mg and still doing very well. I might be considering taking medication off my life. And most importantly, I am here to help you because I know how it feels to have anxiety or panic attacks.There are free tips and free items on relaxation and such for you to download! All the best,Seng
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