What do psychiatrist do

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A psychiatrist is a physician who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental, addictive, and MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-psychiatrist-do ]
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What do psychiatrists do?
IN THE OLD days, they would listen to your problems for an hour, each visit, offer counseling or therapy and usually prescribe medication. Now, they basically take your background, discuss your current problem, and MANAGE OR MONITOR YOUR ME…
How long does it take to become a psychiatrist?
Acedemic requirements. A student must first obtain a 4 year undergraduate degree. Once a bachelors degree has been obtained, graduates must then enter into a 4 year medical school program. Where they earn either a medical doctorate or docto…
How to Find a Psychiatrist
・ 1 Find the paperwork for your health insurance plan. Read through it until you can find any sections… ・ 2 Ask your health insurance company if there is a list of psychiatrists that you should utilize. Some… ・ 3 Ask your health insur…

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psychiatrist ??????
Q: there is no better psychiatrist on the planet like a puppy licking your face,,,a dog can smell a good person a mile away,,,,Anonymous?
A: I grew up with a dog that was half wolf. I trusted her judgment completely about people, and she did have all the power in the world to take away the emotional hurts that came my way.
Is it legal for a psychiatrist to tell a suicidal patient that they are destined to commit suicide?
Q: Is it legal for a psychiatrist to tell this to a suicidal teenager? The point of seeing a psychiatrist would be to get well – not have every shred of hope torn from underneath you. Come on – it’s Kervorkian ethics. Are there not any guidelines for psychiatrists on what they can tell people? How is a philosophy of hopelessness going to heal anybody?
A: what’s unethical is not always illegal. The shrink is just a loser.
How many psychiatrist appointments will it take to get a diagnosis?
Q: I’ve got my second assessment with a psychiatrist soon. How many times will I have to see them before I get a diagnosis and prescribed medication?(I previously had a diagnosis of depression and generalised anxiety disorder, but they are investigating the possibility of OCD, Bipolar and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at the moment if that helps)
A: Don’t wish for a diagnosis, it will come soon enough, and once they are sure what it is they will give it to you.Many people feel that once they receive their diagnosis they are labelled for life and are therefore subject to all the stigma and discrimination that can go along a mental illness.I find it strange that you are having more than one assessment, normally someone would have one assessment and then appointments to follow up, providing the assessment proves the need for treatment.It does sound that you suffering a great deal and that symptoms that are common to more than one diagnosis are present, this could be the reason that they haven’t defined quite yet, which illness covers them all.My suggestion would be to make an appointment to see your GP and discuss it with him/her. Just because you are seeing a psychiatrist doesn’t mean that you can’t still receive help and support from your GP, that is what they are there for.If your symptoms are causing you major problems then you need to ask if your GP can prescribe something to help you until you have a clear diagnosis and set treatment plan.Again, when you next see your psychiatrist, ask the question that you have asked here. It is a valid question and one that he should be able to answer better than anyone on here will be able to.These links to the Mind website offer easy to read and understand information for the illnesses you mentioned:Understanding OCDhttp://www.mind.org.uk/Information/Booklets/Understanding/Understanding+obsessive-compulsive+disorder.htmUnderstanding Bipolar disorderhttp://www.mind.org.uk/Information/Booklets/Understanding/Understanding+manic+depression.htmUnderstanding PTSDhttp://www.mind.org.uk/Information/Booklets/Understanding/Understanding+post-traumatic+stress+disorder.htmYou may not want to read them now, but they will be useful once you do get that diagnosis that you want.Hope this helps.
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