What do vivid nightmares mean

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We dream in order to make sense of the world. Nightmares are your brain’s way of confronting a problem and working through it. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-vivid-nightmares-mean ]
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What does my crazy, vivid nightmare mean?
The number nine (9, 6) is considered to be the number of confusion. Satan is the author of confusion. Is there a situation in your life that you feel is out of control and you don’t know what to do to change it? Every time you think you …

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What could these night terrors and gruesome vivid nightmares mean?
Q: I’ve had nightmares/night terrors on and off for as long as I can remember, but lately, it’s been every night.The night terrors either occur when I’m just napping (I’ve been napping every day because I haven’t been able to get enough sleep at night) or shortly after I’ve gone to bed. I have no recollection of dreaming, but I wake with a start (or with my boyfriend waking me up because I was crying/screaming) and feel very scared or upset without knowing the reason.The nightmares are usually in the very early morning (between 2 and 5)They’re very vivid and often gruesome.For instance, the other night, I dreamed that I was at a party and I went to look for someone and suddenly one of my ribs broke and poked out of my chest (blood, torn skin, and all.) Then I went to my boyfriend to tell him that I needed help and I remember thinking “I don’t want him to know that I’m hurt, but this seriously needs some attention.” Then the house caught on fire and I saw a little boy burn down to his bones. Then I was trying to get out of the house and I just kept going through a lot of doors and couldn’t get out.Anyway… any ideas on why they’re so frequent and so awful?I didn’t say I don’t remember the nightmares, I said I don’t remember the night terrors. They are different things.
A: You say that you don’t remember the dreams, and feel scared/upset without knowing the reason, then go on to recount a very detailed dream. I’m assuming you mean that sometimes you remember, and sometimes you don’t. Dreams may be affected by diet and influences in your waking life (are you concerned about your relationship? difficult job? watching t.v. or films with similar images?). The reasons and way of dealing with them depend upon what you think dreams are in the first place. Personally, I approach my dreams as if they are filled with meaningful symbols of things in my real life that need attention. Is there any significance that you didn’t want your boyfriend to know that you were hurt?
What does my crazy, vivid nightmare mean?
Q: I am in a hotel that I don’t recognize, but I keep getting on the elevator and there is no choice of what floor to go to. I am being taken to the ninth floor. I can see the other floor numbers on the elevator wall, but I never punch one, I just keep being taken to the ninth floor. Turns out the ninth floor is Hell. (There is NO eighth floor, by the way.) After a lot of distress and trickery from the hotel workers/minions of the devil, I figure out the “password” to get to see the devil personally and ask him why he is doing this to me, but he just keeps trying to torture me. It’s like a game. I keep meeting with the devil and getting away to find myself back in the elevator going back to the ninth floor. (Also, the devil is not red with horns, but just a shady kind of businessman). When I finally think I have figured out a way to get out of the hotel/Hell, by making a deal or tricking the devil, I wake up.
A: The number nine (9, 6) is considered to be the number of confusion. Satan is the author of confusion. Is there a situation in your life that you feel is out of control and you don’t know what to do to change it? Every time you think you have it figured out you find you aren’t making any progress. Are you feeling that the reason your solution fails is because you are surrounded by those or a situation you can’t trust? The fact that in your dream you recognize that Satan is presented as you would not think him to be signifies that the answer to your confusion is what you least expect or coming from someone that you least expect. In your dream, you wake up before making what would be a bad decision.
What do these nightmares mean?!?!?!?
Q: I have had a few vivid nightmares. They were scary, not bloody, but still scary. A couple nights ago in my nightmare, my family witnessed a car driving over a bridge, the driver was trying to committ suicide. It wasn’t real though! I woke up! It was really scary because i could hardly tell if i was dreaming or not. I felt everything. I could feel the buttons on my phone as i tried to dial 911. Is this normal to have nightmares so seriously real its almost hard to tell? Also, does anyone know a way to prevent nightmares? Thanks, because i really get freaked out. I still perfectly remember a nightmare I had at least three years ago…
A: don’t worry. i guess it is just because think too much. the dreams that we usually see are actually the things that are somewhere present in our mind. these dreams are quiet normal so just don’t worry about it. this even happens to me.
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