What do you do if your friend is suicidal

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If your friend is suicidal, first and foremost you need to talk to her. Ask her how she is feeling, and what is bothering her. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-do-if-your-friend-is-suicidal ]
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Ok do not tell them they are wrong and are stupid. Tell them the consequences. For example, they will hurt their family that loves them no matter what!
1) attention 2) she really needs your help. your special to her if she texts you and says that. when you see her tell her “i need you here with me, please dont ever go” and hug her. she give that a lot of thinking and shell be oka…
I enjoy a friend who is sometimes get really depressed and say they want to exterminate themselves or “only just die”. They aren’t similar to this adjectives the time; sometimes they are silly and funny and seem to be fine, but if…

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What do you do when your friend is suicidal?
Q: Okay so my friend cuts herself and i really want her to stop. She even told me that I’m the reason why she hasn’t committed suicide yet. She then got in a fight with my other friend and it almost destroyed my friendship with the other friend. Luckily for me she understood why i had to stay with my suicidal friend. But what should i do about my suicidal friend, i mean me and my other friends plan on getting her help, but how can we without her hating us forever.
A: Self-harming is generally the result of non resolved inner conflicts and unresolved emotional issues. The physical pain is easier to endure than the pain suffered within.You could ask her why she is self-harming but I do not think this will be very helpful. You could tell her that self-harming isn’t normal and because she’s a good friend you hate to see her the way she is and encourage her to see her doctor who will make an appropriate referral.If you are going to school you could speak to the school counsellor without mentioning her name and explain your predicament. If you like you could explain this course of action to her and see the school counsellor together initially to give her moral support. I’d imagine when it comes to the nitty gritty you will be asked to leave.Your friend is highly unlikely to “hate” you. On the contrary if a positive outcome is the result of your intervention she will be extremely grateful to you.It has occured to me that your friend could be suffering from low self-esteem and in which please go to my best answers – page 4. There you will find a question “How can I tell my self-worth?” posted by Joe and my answer to it.Please feel free to email if you consider I can be of further assistance.
What would you do if your friend was suicidal?
Q: I have a friend that said she felt suicidal. What should i do? I’ve talked to her about itt, but she still feels like this. Would i be a bad friend if i didnt get a professional involved?
A: Call boys national hotline.The boys national hotline is a 24-hour crisis, resource and referral line.Trained counselors can respond to your questions every day of the week,365 days a year.They help teens and parents with suicide prevention,depression,school issues,parenting troubles,physical abuse,runaway problems,parenting troubles, anger,sexual abuse and much more.Any problem,anytime. Every call is confidential,nobody will know.Just don’t let it be,please do something before it’s too late.You as a friend have to do it,cause doesn’t seem like she will be getting help on her own.Please do it asap,do not wait.In this case,every second is precious.
What can you do if your friend is suicidal?
Q: I have a friend who is sometimes gets really depressed and says they want to kill themselves or “just die”. They aren’t like this all the time; sometimes they are silly and funny and seem fine, but if you bring that up, the answer is that they are “just pretending”. As far as I know, I am the only one that they talk to about it. What should I do?Should I tell their Parents? Mutual Friends? Call Hospital?
A: You should first go to mutual friends, then if there is no intervention go parents then a hospital. And I know what you are talking about. My friend did this same thing and I and his other Friends tried to keep him positive by trying to assuage his fears. But in the end he did kill himself. It was devastating, and no one should have to go through that. So be perceptive and do all you can.
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