What do you do to make yourself not as nervous

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Breathing is the key. In the midst of an attack of nerves, you are taking frequent shallow breaths, hyperventilating, super MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-do-to-make-yourself-not-as-nervous ]
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How can you make yourself not nervous on stage and over an audien…?
I think nerves are a part of the excitement. Just remember that no one else knows how nervous you are, so try to stay cool and as calm as you can. Remember everyone else there is thinking about how they are going to do and the people in the…

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How can you make yourself not nervous about sex?
Q: I seem to get nervous/scared when me and my boyfriend get ready to do it.
A: Pornography. Watch it. (Seriously, you don’t need to watch it together though)Your body. Accept it, but also exercise and work to look the best you can be. Accept what isn’t changeable, but always strive for a healthy “better” and you’ll feel great about the progress.Talk… talk to him. Watch a romantic movie. Set the mood first. Don’t just jump into it.It will take time, but you will feel better.
Is there any suggestions of ways to make yourself less nervous for a test?
Q: I am borderline A in my class and I have a test tommorow. I ALWAYS get really nervous even though I study for hours and know all the material. When I get in class I forget everything and it’s really hard for me. I start to get really flushed and red because I freak out so much. Any suggestions?
A: Yes, eat a good breakfast. Try to relax as much as possible, and focus on getting that A. And it will come.
how do you make yourself not nervous before giving a speech?
Q: next week i have to give a Speech in english class and i always get really nervous. i am ok with talking to people or saying stuff in class i just get so nervous when i have to stand up in front and give a Speech i dont know what it is that makes me so nervous. i always get up there and once i start talking my voice is very shakey and i take short breaths and my heart beats really fast. does anyone know how to stop this and help me calm down?
A: Know your subject backwards and forwards.
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