What does a butterfly signify

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They symbolize freedom with their erratic and spirited flight, or the Chaos Theory. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-a-butterfly-signify ]
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What does the Butterfly signify?
Fragile, fleeting beauty.
How To Attract Butterflies
Butterflies are a beautiful addition to any garden. Learn how to attract them to your yard. B+ Article Written last month by WikiHow | Comments Views
Does a butterfly signify death?
A butterfly of course starts life as a caterpillar and goes through a major change as it becomes a butterfly. It makes a chrysalis or cocoon and then emerges as a beautiful butterfly. This lead many ancient cultures to regard the butterfly …

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What does having a dream of a butterfly, signify?
Q: The other night I had a dream about a butterfly. I am in the midst of relocating to another city , and I am in deep thought of making a deicision. Please give some clarity on what on my dream. Thanks.
A: ButterflyTo see a butterfly in your dream, denotes your need to settle down. Butterflies also signifies creativity, romance, joy and spirituality. You may be undergoing a transformation into a new way of thinking.To see a beautiful colorful butterfly in your dream, denotes the positive impression you will make at a future social gathering.
What does a tattoo of a butterfly on your lower back signify?
Q: I just seen people with tattoos of butterflies on their back and i wondered if it meant something or if it didn’t.
A: The meanings of tattoo’s change over the years and vary between the different kinds og groups of people who like them. When I was younger, Birds and butterfly’s meant you were free and didn’t keep one steady boyfriend. To the bikers and rockers, it meant loose or slut, to the goth’s black butterfly’s meant seditive like sleep heroin…or drugs ect… They mean different things to different people I have both birds and butterflies. Ever hear that Tori Amos song “Butterflies?” It’s about a woman who only sleeps with men who are not clingy or easily attached. So use your judgement and get what you want…If you do it for anyone else, you’ll never do it at all. My favorite tattoos are snowflakes… I just got them recently I got them because to me… They mean that no two are alike, I got three small ones and in the center of each one I have my 2 son’s initials and my partners intials in the larger of the three.
what does a butterfly signify?
Q: as in tatoo stuff..
A: Butterflies represent transformation and rebirth. They start out as caterpillars and then change into something else
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