What does a nervous breakdown feel like

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Symptoms may include a need to cry, loss of energy, withdrawal, confusion, despair, inability to think clearly, and insomnia. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-a-nervous-breakdown-feel-like ]
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What does a nervous breakdown feel like?
Well, there isn’t any “nervous breakdown” in the books, but people on the street say this. Mostly what it means is a “manifest neurosis”. Many people are fairly neurotic – but when that neurosis ‘breaks the surface”…

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What does a Nervous Breakdown feel like?
Q: What happens? Do people really have them? Do they just go crazy and get put away? Or does the person having them recognize the symptoms and go to an ER and say ENOUGH? What is a nervous breakdown and what do you do?
A: It’s kind of like having a huge rush of all of your emotions that keep coming at you and you can’t turn them off. You can’t get any sleep or rest and the overload just takes it’s toll from not letting the brain rest.
What does a nervous breakdown feel like? I think I am having one, seriously?
Q: I am bipolar, but I feel worse than ever…..my moods are everywhere and I never even want to leave my home. Help!
A: PLEASE GO SEE A PSYCHOLOGIST. They are there to help you. You are bi-polar and should maybe talk to them about medication which would help even things out for you. If you can’t afford a psychologist, try your church, most churches have counseling. Please take this advice, being bi-polar is serious and the feelings of never wanting to leave home are not a good sign. People and God love you and you should get help.
how do you know if you are having a mental / nervous breakdown. what does it feel like?
Q: Is mental and emotional exhaustion the same sort of thing?
A: Nothing matters, delusions, non comprehensible, confusion…no mental exhaustion is different
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