What does dreaming about strong wind mean

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To dream that the wind is blowing, symbolizes your life force, energy, and vigor. It reflects changes in your life. MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-dreaming-about-strong-wind-mean ]
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What does strong prevailing winds blow from the east mean??
An easterly wind blows from east to west. A southerly wind blows from the south to the north. Strong prevailing winds blowing from the east means that the wind is blowing strongly (about 25 MPH or more) and generally from east to west.
What does strong-winded mean?
If you are strong-winded, your natural gas is of a higher potency than the average person’s. The smell can be toxic.

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What does this dream mean? ?
Q: Hey :)Last night I had this really strange dream. Normally I wouldn’t mind about dreams, but this one’s been bugging me throughout the whole day.What do you think it means? I’m clueless, but yeah, it’s just bugging me so much!I was walking down the sidewalk of a main road near my house, though instead of pavements it was these white pebbles. Something knocked me over, I think it was a strong gust of wind but I’m not sure. There was a group of men dressed in those prison suits, only blue. There was this one that stood out to me, although I’ve never seen him in real life. He had long blonde curls tied back in a ponytail; he was quite gorgeous, really.It was like there was a rush to get up, like a bus was coming to run me over, so I called out to him, saying ‘help me’; I was either really quiet or just mouthing it. But it’s not like I couldn’t have said it louder, it was like I was intending for it to be quiet. He shook his head and said “there’s no time to help”, but he just stood there. The scene skipped to me crossing the road, just in front of the men in blue prison suits. There was a guy sitting there with a stall in the middle of the road, selling cartoon pictures he had drawn. He was trying to get me to sign up or something, but I didn’t want to because I thought it was a cult, but he just kept talking and sucked me into it. What the hell does this mean?!All answers will be appreciated 🙂
A: maybe the man represtings somthing in your life.like all the other men are maybe other events or things in you life that you don’t pay atention to that much. and like you want somting from this somthing, but its like not wanting or can’t help you. as for the cult. is someone temping you to do stuff. but you don’t want to but the pressure is getting to you. well thats what i think:P hope it helps
what does a black panther in a dream mean?
Q: i had a dream last night were some sort of portal opened up and wind was blowing out of it. i walked through it and could see a very large Beautiful tree surrounded by open grass fields. it was difficult to get to it because of the strong wind blowing against me, but i made it to the tree. at the time i had a chain in my hand that i had dragged in through the portal. i tied one end to the tree and the other to me so i wouldn’t get sucked out. then i looked over my shoulder and could see thes Beautiful people looking at me. i didn’t realize till after i woke up that they were all woman. then i felt something grab on to my arm and as i looked over there was a black panther who was latched on to my arm with its teeth. i tryed to shake it off but it wouldn’t let go, then it roared at me and i roared back at it, this went on for a Minuet, after witch it let go of my arm and cocked its head back as if it was saying “i don’t fear u but i can respect you” then it slowly turned around, then took off running at a high rate of speed. then i woke up. during the dream i kept thinking it was a cougar but later i did some Research and there are no black cougars only black panthers, also i saw a pitcher of a black panther and it looked identical to the one in my dream. the dream was very vived and clear. the only emotions in the dream were amazment at what was happining, and bewilderment at the beauty of the place. this all happened on the night of my 21 birthday i don’t know if that has any significance.
A: I felt that the panther is a symbol of power and strenght, as well as stealth. Someone in yur life you have had a run-in with accepts you as a kind of equal
What does this crazy/weird dream mean??
Q: I had a dream that one of my friends was showing me her bouquet of balloons and they flew away in the wind. She said “they didn’t do that last time”. There was a weight on them that said “Happy Birthday” but the wind was so strong that they flew away anyway. Then my dream switched and my dad gave me $10 in 50 cent pieces, they dropped on the floor and some guy attacked me over them and tried to rape/kill me until my mom and dad came and saved me.What does this dream mean? I’m 25, do NOT have a good relationship with my dad (he lives in another state and was absent from my life growing up) and I don’t know that friend w/ the balloons in rel life.
A: >> The ‘friend’ may represent an aspect of yourself.The balloons may represent aspirations & dreams you had while growing up, that you feel were weighted down by the absense of your father (happy Birthday weight ~ was he absent right from your birth?) >> The balloons flying away in the wind may be telling you to let by-gones-be-by-gones in the regards to your feelings (if you are harbouring some not so nice ones) about your father.>> The $10 in 50c pieces may represent that you’ve felt ‘short-changed’ by your fathers absense in respect to a relationship that should have been, but wasn’t.>> The fact that both your mother & father ‘save’ you from harm, could be telling you that they are both there for you when really needed ~ even if at times it has not felt that way.
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