What does it mean if someone you love dies in your dream

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To dream about the death of a loved one, suggests that you are lacking a certain aspect or quality that the loved one…More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-someone-you-love-dies-in-your-dream ]
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What doesn it mean when you dream someone you love dies??
Dreams are a continuation of your waking thoughts. While asleep your subconscious is patching together images that evoke the same emotions you feel while awake. Dreams about death could mean disappointment. In your waking life you could hav…
What does it mean if i see a dream where someone i love dies??
Dreams are just your subconsciousness working when you’re sleeping so things that are on your mind get worked into dreams. If you’d just had a really great time with your boyfriend then you went to bed thinking about him you might have drea…
What does it mean when you dream that someone you love has died??
Please rest assured that it doesn’t mean an actually bodily death will occur. It signifies that something inside of their life will die or pass on. What I mean is, this might simply mean that they are reaching a turning point in their lives…

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What does it mean when someone you love dies in your dreams?
Q: My friend has been having dreams all week and dosent noe what they mean. In one of her dreams someone she is very close to dies, in another her boyfriend and his frinds try to kill her and in another she saw her favourite aunt that she hasnt seen in 9 years and her aunt told her that hse wanted nothuing to do with her. What does all these dreams mean?
A: She is feeing scared and trapped and feels like she could just die. The relationship with the bf is rocky (or soon to be) the aunt obviously is a metaphor to her family which will reject her. And the person who is close to her that dies shows death soon to come or maybe metaphorical death, like a friendhip (possibly yours??). She is gonna have some tough times and you have to stick with her because I’m sure she is gonna need a shoulder to cry on… I hope this helps…. (and could this girl possibly be you?) Keep observing the dreams and see what comes of them if there is one specific recurring dream try to focus on that one dream…. home it helps!
What does it mean if i see a dream where someone i love dies?
Q: I saw a dream last night where someone in my family that i love a lot died and it was VERY scary. Does that mean anything?
A: Depending on how intuned you are with “God” or “Spirit” or “The Other World” you are, it could mean you are forseeing a family’s death.HOWEVER!!!!! Most likely you’re not because that’s only something spiritually advanced people i.e. Jesus, Moses, Mohammad and advanced psychics could do.Anyway, it was only scary because we think of death as a “bad, fearful” thing. It honestly could just mean how much you care about the person you had the dream about, not that they are gonna die. Now that you’ve had this dream, be honest with yourself, “How much did you realize you cared about this person”.
what does it mean when your true love dies in a dream?
Q: i had a dream that i was at a club, and my “lover” was drinking, he was drunk and me and a couple freinds as well as him and his freinds went upstairs to talk, and i had left early becuase i had to be home for something, and i told him not too drive home, and his freind agreed to drive him home, but at 3am, i got a phone call from the police telling me that he died in a car accident becuase he was driving drunk.:[what does that dream mean?
A: I’m not sure but I have had numerous dreams that my sweetie got shot and died. but this can mean lots of different things, every time I have one of those dreams a few days later we get into a huge fight so I’m not really sure what this means. but an definitely relate.
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