What does it mean if you Dream to gay guys

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Dreams are scenes of daily day happenings in real life. This dream does not mean that you are gay. Thanks for using ChaCha. Ciao! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-you-dream-to-gay-guys ]
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Are you gay if you like girls but sometimes dream about having se…?
You are gay if you are sexually attracted to the same sex. You can’t help your dreams, but you can understand your own feelings and emotions. You say you like girls. Are you sexually attracted to girls? Or to boys? Read “How do you…
Is my dream guy gay?
Totally a fruit cake. Even the fact that you have to ask is bad…his pic confirmed it. Sorry hunny.
How does your dream Guy/ Girl look like? And are you gay/bi/strai…?
Hey there, I’m straight, and my dream guy would look like: Tall (not too tall, but taller than me) Brown eyes Brown hair (shaggy) Has a decent sense of fashion Not skinny but not fat, some tone Tanned skin As for personality: Caring Listene…

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What does this gay dream mean……..?
Q: I am a guy, who is gay, i am in love with a boy jock at my school, i had a dream that we were goin out. What should i do?
A: Nothing. It’s just a dream. But hey, no one said you can’t fantasize, right? Keep dreaming. 🙂
What does this dream mean? (gay crush)?
Q: Okay so I like this guy and he was a senior last year and I did’nt even know him but but right after he found out I liked him he never really saw me again so I never got to find out what his response was:so basically I have this dream where I’m in my buisness class (last semester) and a bunch of people from his calculas AP ( including him)class come into our room to tutor us, so in my dream he quickly rushes over to my table to make sure he is the only tutor person over there and then the whole time he is trying to teach us he is only really asking me if I need help and he is only really caring about me he is also trying to get as close as possible to me and not really caring about wtf any one else is saying, he also had a very very strange voice in the dream it was a voice I had never heard before yet it was very manly like almost optimus prime (transformer) like?what does this dream mean!?the first 3 guys who answered this question are all really stupid (of course I am) you dumbasses and if you have a problem w/ it you really should’nt be answering this now should you?and not even that but I myself think dream interpretation is pretty damn gay so therefore your interests must be if your on this part of Y!a
A: Honestly I don’t think it really means anything besides the fact this guy is still on your mind. The fact that his voice was like Optimus Prime’s was just something your brain came up with.As for the losers who are making fun of your being gay, just ignore them.. I’ve reported them. Good for you in standing up for who you are at such a young age, many gay people don’t have the courage or the strength.
what does it mean when someone in your dream is gay, but in real life there straight ?
Q: i used to like the kid in my dream a lot. and we used to talk. then in my dream, he was grinding with other guys, and kissing them. it was so wierd. hes strictly straight though.
A: Your dreams are your personal private thoughts wishes and fantasies. When someone in your dream is gay, but in real life they are straight, it can mean a whole multitude of different things. Its like a jigsaw fitting the pieces together.It could mean you are gay, and you can see some excellent qualities in him as a potential gay mate, but he is with other guys and not you because of you being unable to recognise your gay side. It could mean you are straight and this guy is going out with a girl who you may be interested in he is hanging around with gay guys because in your dream world it meant you could get the girl that is his now, but could be yours if he was gay.The fact that it is in a dream could mean anything any you would need to perform some Dream Interpretation, in order to fully understand what it means. Dreams will unambiguously hide things from yourself that you were not fully aware of yourself in strange ways.
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