What does it mean in a dream to get shot at

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Being shot at can represent feelings or fear of attack, persecution, judgment, or other hostility in your life. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-in-a-dream-to-get-shot-at ]
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What does it mean when you dream that you get shot??
A gunshot typically means a very swift injury or attack, but think more symbolically. Was there something that came out of nowhere and got you right in the gut? Dying is also symbolic of the end of an old way of life, so it’s not always …
What does it mean when you get shot in a dream?
It could mean you feel guilty about something you did. Now you have a pain in your gut from it. The dream is urging you to go and make things right.
What does it mean to almost get shot in your dream??
Feelings of vulnerability shroud the subconscious. Also tied to the need for protections, such as the supply of clothing and other general necessities such as shelter.

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Q: I dreamed every spot I tried to run to in my dream someone was shooting at me. I was in a park, on a farm, a dirt road, and in the woods
A: Trust issues and a bit of paranoia in the dream scape. Could mean you feel others are out to get you. Doesn’t mean they really are trying to “get” you though.Eating turkey or tryptophan containing foods or getting drunk are suppose to amp up your dreams, really good or really bad. Spicy food is also suppose to increase bad dreams, although most believe this is due to the subconscious pain levels from heartburn and GERD. So that maybe your stomach was telling you it is being attacked, like the snipers finding you no mater where you tried to dodge.Sorry I could not find more scientific links.
What does getting shot in a dream mean?
Q: I keep having dreams where I get shot. It’s always been in my home. I usually am protecting my wife in our home. I always fight the shooter. Once I get shot, I can feel the shot and can even feel and taste the blood. What does it mean?
A: If it’s a recurring dream, it means that you are dealing with some type of subconscious stress. Are you like, a stay at home dad or something. because what i get from your dream is that you feel the need to protect your wife, and fight this man off, but in the end you fail and leave her to fend for herself (the part where you get shot) and tasting the blood is the guilt you have over it. that’s what i think your dream means, but if you have a job and you already support your family, your dream could mean that you feel subconsciously incompetent.
What does my dream mean when i got shot at…but lived?
Q: i was walking up a hill and i was with three kids and these kids strted fighting and then i fought back to help the littler kid who couldnt and the bully went inside and told his dad and his dad came out with a gun and he told his son to shoot me and i heard him and ran to my car and the kid shot at me and he missed but i acted liked he hit me.. then the dad said everyting happens for a reason….
A: three kids fighting = things you hate to seefought back to help = feeling unjustbully’s dad came out with a gun and shot you = threat, criticizeYou may be feeling something unjust in your life. Projecting yourself to help symbolize some helpless conscience in you. In other words, you feel like you are the only one who can help. However, due to lack of ability, you also projected being shot. That is a symbolic way to say you are not accepted and you feel rejected in some aspects of your life. That could be involved with people with high authority. Maybe something happened lately that you feel helpless and that is why you vent it out in dream.
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