What does it mean when you dream about crying

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If you dream that you are crying, it means you are getting out frustrations that would slow you down in your waking life. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-you-dream-about-crying ]
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What does it mean to cry in a dream?
Dreams are not divine messages, instructions, or prophecies and cannot in any way “see” the future. What they are is the brain’s way of processing information and solving puzzles it is unable to consciously work out. You can only …
What does crying in a dream mean!
To dream that you are crying, signifies a release of negative emotions that is more likely caused by some waking situation rather than the events of the dream itself. Your dream is a way to regain some emotional balance and a way to safely …
What does it mean, when you wake up crying, but have no recollect…?
i hate when that happens! it only happened once to me but i remembered it. you could be worried about something, or freaking yourself out about small things that really don’t matter. just try to think of happy things before you go to bed li…

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what does a dream about crying mean?
Q: I had a dream I was crying alot, tears were coming from my eyes like a waterfall I couldn’t stop, I was very upset. I forget what the rest of the dream was about but what could that mean? I never cry like that for real.
A: as there was no real content or reason for the tears,I think that subconsciously you felt the need to release some deepseated emotions that have been buried for sometime…It,s nothing to be concerned about we all do this at some stage of our lives….it,s a healing process nothing more…
What does my dream mean when i wake up crying?
Q: For the past couple nights I have been having nightmares about my boyfriends and I relationship. We have been together and lived together for almost 3 years. He has cheated once but he has proven himself to me. And I slowly forgave him. Well The first two dreams were of his older brother who dislikes me a lot and loves to tell people that, well he was tryin to get with me and sleep with me. I felt icky when he touched me and when people told us to use condoms. I just wanted my boyfriend but he wasn’t around. I couldn’t move or do anything in my dream accept think. I woke up from those dreams feeling disgusted and violated but I told myself it’s just a dream. Than last night I dreamt I was driving to our home , and my boyfriend was home. He had his arms around a bigger girl a lil older than me. She was braggin about her and my boyfriends relationship and saying stuff oh we are so happily in love. My boyfriend acted like it wasn’t a big deal to have two girlfriends.. I was calm at first asking why he had two girlfriends and why he lied when he said there was only me. Than his fat short girlfriend startin getting in my face sayin they are in love and he doesn’t want me. My boyfriend was agreeing saying stuff like why don’t you just accept the fact I love her now. I got so insanely jealous I kept trying to get rid of her. I even pushed her down a hill into a rushing river. But she was trying to push me down first, then my boyfriend yelled at me and I said I just pushed her into that river you going to save her? He jumped in after her and left me stranded in a cave that was flooding. I washed ashore somehow and ended up in a building. There was my boyfriend with her and I just started yelling at him saying WHY WHY over and over againThan I started to get really angry, I would say stuff that was bad about him, like he pees all over the bathroom floor, he picks his nose way too much, he picks at his pimples in public, what the size of his penis is and hes horrible in bed. I would say anything bad just to try and make him look worse. In this dream we were married for 2 years. I was now at a divorce attorneys desk with some of my friends from back in the day that I don’t talk to ne more. I was screaming still sayin my husband cheated on me I will not pay for this shit. He came there to torment me with his fat lil girlfriend. Then next thing I know I am at my old schools front desk asking if it was possible for me to go back to school with a GED. I told her my boyfriend made me drop out and get my ged in order to be with him and I did cuz we were in love. She told me sorry you messed that up.. I burst into tears saying “I gave him my life, I gave up so much to be with him, and now hes takin everything back and making my life fall apart.” I woke up crying.I know this dream probably doesn’t add up in some places, but my dream really didn’t make sense but the plot of it was tormenting me and making me miserable. I could sense his hatred and annoyance with me, and it just crushed me. But when I woke up crying my boyfriend comforted me and told me that will never happen. But I cant help to think that I dreamt this nightmare for a reason. But what is my dream telling me?
A: You have dream about untrust. You may be forgiving him slowly. However, there is some wound that is still there and stamped in your mind that you can never forget. That wound was from when he hurted you when you found out he cheated you.You dreamed because subconsciously you still do not fully trust him. You may also lose some confidence in yourself. Dreaming of a bigger girl shows that you are comparing yourself to others. Putting yourself down and becoming small shows that you are losing self esteem, and perhaps lose trust in him as well.
What does it mean when you wake up crying from a dream?
Q: i was dreaming the other night (if i remember correctly it was another nana dream!) it would have been my forth in the past month. anyway i was crying in the dream…and i started to wake up and i was soaked!! and i woke up still crying..like as if i just saw a sad movie. does this mean anything?
A: You feel frustrated by a loss of something or a person. You are surpressing the feeling in real life, but it is holding you back and making you feel despair. You need to confront your loss and anything attached to it to get past the sadness that you are feeling.
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