What does it mean when you dream your doing drugs

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To dream that you are in possession of or taking drugs, signifies your need for a “quick fix”. You may be turning to a MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-you-dream-your-doing-drugs ]
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What does this mean dream doing drugs heart pounding really hard??
As you can see sometimes dreams just things that we worry about or just something that we heard/happened to us of course that doesn’t mean your drugs just means maybe you saw something the day before or even month’s ago that something had t…
What does this dream i had mean?-(friend doing drugs??
too long. maybe you’re on drugs…
What does it mean to dream about my mom and her boyfriends doing …?
I have some ideas. I’LL make a list. 1. It MIGHT happen, you could be like that’s so raven and see the future. Do something to stop your vision from coming true! 2. Stalk your mom and her boyfriend to see what there REALLY up to. 3. Stare a…

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what does it mean when you dream about your kids around drugs?
A: hi as a mom i can understand your concerns i have two teens and i can tell you i have all kind of dreams and i do think that it is all out of worry you worry that they will do those things but if you have done your job as mom and im sure you have it wont happen keep a good line of we can talk about anything and even if i dont like it you can still come to me! just remember we was teens once our selves and we knew what we was doing and even if we tiped a little we knew that it was wrong and they know this to so to your question i think its just your motherly worrys
What does it mean when you dream that your best friend is on drugs and looks bad; When in reality she’s not
A: Dreams dont mean anything. They cant tell the future either
what does this dream i had mean?-(friend doing drugs?)?
Q: i hear that ever dream means something…what does this one mean?it isn’t as long as you think it is to readjessica is one of my best friends but we dont see eachotehr that often(1-2 times a month)(we are both 14)kim is my dads girlfriend(she lives with us)(we get along great)anthony is another friend(his granny lives right around the cornerWith Jessica walking down the streetWe get in a truckWe pass an old looking biplaneIt starts going down the road on it’s own(to take off)We get in front(jessica is driving) of it wanting to get it hooked on out hitchWe succeed and now I am afraid it is gunna take make us crashJessica speeds up…(idk what happens-don’t remember)The plane is goneCars are coming from the other side(in front of us)We pass one without collisionWe pass another2 or 3 cars on both sides of the road are coming at us(2 lanes going against us)I think we are gunna crash and I don’t even have a seatbelt onJessica speeds upAt what seemed like the last second we swerve and miss the carsWe surprisingly hardly drive off the roadThe truck disappearsWe are walkingPeople think we don’t have homes(like we are hobos)Kim randomly appears and backs up the my response that I live at 7***** A***** ct.We arrive at Jessica’s house(not trailer)(she lives in a trailer)She wants moulonshe tells me to stay hereShe goes outside/in the otehr room for like 2 minComes back with a bag that I thought was crack or somethingThere was actually cookies in thereShe said they where cheing cookies, or Moulon cookies…A bunch of people arriveThis is like a meeting with this leader guy that says something and starts passing around a tray of cookies that where the ones from the bag(somehow there is more now)I have an idea to steal the tray so Jessica doesn’t eat a cookie(I don’t want her to do drugs)Luckily the leader had to leave the room for somethingThis was my chance to just take the trayThere was a problemPeople keep coming up and taking them 1 by 1…I see a clearance so I go for itI have to open the back door wich is actually my back sliding glass doorIt is hard to push openBefore I even get to the door Jessica yells “stop him!!!!”Someone joins me in the run from these people(helps me)I walk outside and it is Anthony’s granny’s house(right next to my house)I run to my backyard and run behind my pool deckThe tray in my handThere are only like 10 people following me out of the 30 that where at the “meeting”Obviously those people didn’t get there cookiesWe run all aroundA few time I think I may trapped but I am the fastest one there…We go up my road…Wile going down the road we pass a cop carI think he would see the drug cookies and stopHe doesn’tIt turns out it wasn’t even a cop…i am back at my house next to my garageI somehow forget the cookiesMy helper re-appears after have not been with me the whole chasei see that Jessica and only like 3 other people(obviously the other are gone) have eaten half their cookies(they are in a sanbox)When they see me they try to eat the rest really fastI pull what is left out of Jessie’s mouthLike 4 crumbI eat those(???)(i like really wnted to try them)I sensed her saliva(she must have like drooled on the cookie)I am like now laying on top of them(the 3 or 4 girls)We are now on a subway or a bus or somethingThey turned into the sand from the box and are like just a pile of sandThey spell things out in the sandAnd like pinch me and stuffMess with me…Now that I think about it that could have been a hallucination from the cookiesso…is my friend doing drugs, or what does this mean…
A: too long. maybe you’re on drugs…
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