What does it mean when you have dreams about pregnancy

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Theories abound on dream origins. It could be a wish for the future, something you were thinking about, or random brain activity. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-you-have-dreams-about-pregnancy ]
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What does it mean when you dream about pregnancy?
there’s a possibility that you’re thinking about it a lot.
Does anyone know what this dream could mean. dreaming of a positi…?
Hi, If one dreamt his /her abdomen was big like a pregnancy , means he/she will receive some money as much as the stomach was big. If an immature child dreamt was pregnant , if he was a boy means his father will receive some money If was a …
What Does Pregnancy In Dreams Mean
Well dreams are normally in three categories. 1.There are dreams that are appear to you from God and they have a specific directions. They are not terrifying. 2.There are dreams brought to you when you eat too much and your gets messed up a…

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If You Have Dreams Of Positive Pregnancy Test, Does That Mean Pregnancy?
Q: I have been ttc, and I had 2 dreams about positive pregnancy test, and dreams about having a baby girl. Does this mean I am, or will be pregnant?
A: No, it just means that you are thinking of being pregnant. Dreams can’t predict the future. It is just your hopes and thoughts taking over 🙂 My whole third pregnancy I wanted a girl so badly (bc we had 2 boys already) even after a very obvious ultrasound picture that we were having a boy, I still would dream he was a girl when he came out. I remember dreaming once that I had him at the hospital and the nurse said “its a girl” and I said “well that one isn’t mine bc we are having a boy” LOL! Dreams are just thoughts, nothing more. Good Luck!!!
What does it mean when you dream about taking a pregnancy test?
A: are you worried you could be pregnant? are you wanting a child really badly? this might be a good question for the “dream interpretation” categorygo to SOCIAL SCIENCE category and there you will find “dream interpretation”
what does my dream mean about pregnancy?
Q: so i had a baby. i was not allowed to see my baby. my family members could though. i walked away from the hospital into a pool like setting. my ex who is still my friend was the dad. he didnt come near me. his dad, who ive never met before, told him to comfort me and that was it.
A: seems like you still have thought of your ex back up in your mind somewhere. maybe its your concious telling you something, maybe you want to be with him, maybe you want to have a baby with him. but there is something else deeper about you not being able to see your baby, some kind of fear of yours, just keep thinking about it. also may have something to do with you not meeting his dad yet either. our minds like to play around with our thoughts and pull them out from no where and make a little story in our minds about them.
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