What does it mean when you have dreams about someone saying i love you

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Dreams about someone saying I love you means that you are having frustrations with someone loving you or not loving you. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-you-have-dreams-about-someone-saying-i-love-you ]
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What does it mean when you dream of someone you care about saying…?
It could possibly mean that you know deep down that this person is into you just as much as you are them. I suggest that you need to express your love for this person then you will no longer have to dream of it because him saying I love you…

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What does it mean when you dream about being in love with someone you are friends with?
Q: I have this male friend, lets call him Tom,and we’re good friends. Altough we don’t talk on the phone, IM (he doesnt have one), or really hang out out of school, we talk like best friends in school. During a play we were in, I liked a different boy….untill it kinda broke my heart to find out everyone knew, and he wouldn’t say a word……Thats when Tom stepped in. He gave me a hug, and basically made me laugh by saying I’m too good for him, ect. And before we went on, I put my head on his shoulder, and he put his on mine, and I swear, it wouldn’ve been the perfect moment to kiss, we just didn’t. We were nervous, and in a hurry to get onstage…..But recently…..I’ve found my feeling for him have changed. Ever since then…..I’ve had a urge, a strong passionate desire, to kis him, to ask him out, ect. should i get over my fear and tell him?….How? every night I have a dream theat we’re in love, that we’re married, having an “intimate” relationsship, ect. What does it mean?
A: well it seems to me you have feelings for your tom. not just friend feelings. but the feeling of love. sure it was just a dream. all i’m saying is that you might have some feelings for him. i’m stuck on that one myself
What does it mean, when you dream about love?
Q: Usually every night, I dream about telling the one I have a crush on, how i feel, but sometimes its more than that. Sometimes no matter where I am, he is always with me, and the world is ending, but he is always there by my side. Is it that I am obsessed that I dream about him, or is it that they are telling me to say how I feel, and not to be afraid of the consequences? I really need answers, because I am confused about what I should do…
A: Try not to confuse your dreams of love with lust. If you really love him, give it some time and those feelings should still be there later on.
What does it mean when i dreamt about my crush saying he loves me?
Q: Last night i had a dream where my crush told me he loved me. We were at the first day of school, standing in our groups of friends then were in this room where we were hugging while we were saying we missed each other. Then he said i love you, and i said i love you too, then i broke apart the hug and was like wait, what? Then he said he liked me… what does it mean?? please and thanks 🙂
A: Doesn’t mean much of anything (sorry) Basically it means that u Really like him and you want him to feel the same way =)Hope it works out for youxx
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