What does it mean when you see a scorpion in a dream

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To see a scorpion in your dream, represents a situation in your waking life which may have been painful or hurtful. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-you-see-a-scorpion-in-a-dream ]
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what does it mean when a scorpion stings you in a dream?
Q: Last night i had a dream a black scorpion stung my hand on the top part, the thing was black with a dream catcher on its tail kinda? it was weird.
A: Scorpion To see a scorpion in your dream, represents a situation in your waking life which may have been painful or hurtful.� It�is also indicative of destructive feelings, “stinging” remarks, bitter words and/or negative thoughts being expressed by or aimed against you.� Your dream forewarns of a self-destructive and self-defeating path. The scorpion is also a symbol of death and rebirth. You need to get rid of the old and make room for something new. Alternatively, the scorpion may also represent a person who is born under the astrological sign for Scorpio.
what does it mean when u dream of a black scorpion bitting u?
Q: it was in my house and it bit me….what does that mean???
A: It means you were lucky it just bit you, and didn’t sting you!Do some research and buy a few geckos (in your dream, that is). Many species eat scorpions. Just let them free range you dreams, and you’ll sleep like a baby.Hope this has been helpful.
What does it mean when you dream of being chased by a scorpion?
Q: I had a dream that there was a long black scorpion in my house and I felt bad about killing it so I decided to keep it. I let it live in my front yard. I went to the store to buy it a cage and when I got home it was chasing me. It stung me a couple of times (it felt so real, very vivid dream) I was scared and I tried climbing on things so it couldn’t get to me, but it still did. It even stung my pets. In the end, I grabbed a knife and started chopping it up violently into little pieces, and I felt really bad while doing it. Does anyone know what this dream might mean? Thanks!
A: Hi Vegie, long time no talk…I am not an expert….but I would think the black scorpion represents the toxins that you allow happen or keep in your life / or you have inside. The fact that you didnt wanna kill it / felt sorry for it and bought a cage for it meant that you acknowledge the toxins/pain and wanna contain it , though it also means that you are scared of it. But then eventually It chased after you, it could mean that you tried to leave it as it is , in the past , or try to ignore it, but it is catching up with you. You grabbing a knife and started chopping it violently could just be rage/toxins you buried came to the surface / you are facing your own demons/scorpio/. Or it could be that it means its time you need to end something / confront all the toxic things in your life with convictionThats my take on it.And shit, i dreamt of being bitten by a snake and at the end ripped it in half last night too.
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