What does it take to become a psychologist

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You will have to get a Ph.D. or a Psy.D to become a psychologist. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-take-to-become-a-psychologist ]
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What does it take to become a psychologist?
I am assuming you mean clinical psychologist, as in someone who provides services (like therapy) to clients. You should also know that it can be difficult to be a therapist as a psychologist, because you may be expected to do specialized ps…
How to Become a Psychologist
A psychologist is required to complete an undergraduate degree and a doctorate program in psychology. Become a psychologist with tips from a medical administrator in this Read More
How many years does it take to become a psychologist?
You can count on about 12 years beyond high school graduation to practice independently as a licensed psychologist in most states in the USA. 4 years: Undergrad 2-3 years: Master’s degree 2-3 years: Doctoral degree (e.g., Ph.D., Psy.D.) tim…

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How long does it take to become a psychologist?
Q: I’m wondering how many years does it take to become a psychologist?
A: Basically, it is about 8+ yrs dependly.College: 4 yrsGraduate:3 yrsInternship: 1-3 yrsHowever, if it is your passion to become a psychologist, then you MUST do very well in college. Nowadays since a lot of people are applying for Ph.D (the degree you need to become a psychologist) they are accepting only a few. Here are the stats:Applicants applied: 956Applicants interviewed: 435Applicants accepted: 12
What does it take to become a psychologist?
Q: How long does it take? Is it worth becoming a psychologist? Which college should you go to? ect.I think becoming a psychologist would be cool. Learning how the human mind works!
A: There are MANY jobs in psychology. Check out the APA website (American Psychological Association) www.apa.org they have links about careers in psychology and what it takes to become one.You’ll need to be committed to what you want to do. The competition is pretty intense in a lot of ways. A lot of people “want to become psychologists” but it requires a lot of schooling.You CAN do things with only a bachelors degree, that will put you working in social programs (shelters and such) but in general you’ll need a masters or a doctoral degree which is six to ten years of school. With a masters degree (6 – 7 years of school total ) you’ll primarily be working in counseling. With a doctoral degree (9-10 years of school) you’ll have contributed to the knowledge of the field, will have published a scientific finding, and will be regarded as an “expert” and can do just about anything you want….that’s when the real doors start opening up, where you’re meeting with international delegations on psychology from other nations, and heading up joint projects between different countries or universities or whatnot, and really get to see the world….but again….it’s important to PREPARE WELL. You’ll need to love what you do. (I know a female criminologist who is one of the leaders of offender rehabilitation and she only has a bachelors).What do you want to do with your psychology degree? Psychology is a VERY BIG field.Child psychology? Abnormal psychology (schizophrenia, bullemia, mental retardation)? Criminal psychology? Business psychology? Sports pscyhology? Advertizing psychology? Marriage psychology? Sexual relationships psychology? Neuropsychology? (I.E. how the brain works in association with certain thoughts? Dealing with the neural pathways?)My personal specialty is learning about sexually deviant behavior, I’m currently working with a clinic in their treatment for sex offenders. I’m working on identifying causes and prevention for sex offender behavior, and working to push that knowledge back into education systems and into the “Is it worth it” – it depends on whether or not you love what you do. If you’re doing it for the money, you’re in the wrong field. It does pay good, true, but there’s a lot of work that’s involved, and if you don’t love what you’re doing in this field, you won’t succeed, believe me. Drop me a line if you want to talk, I’ll give you my regular email and am willing to help you with schools and scholarships if you want – if you drop me a line – (you’ll have to read my profile before you drop me a line via yahoo answers and you’ll see a couple important things about me in this regards).One of the above answers is incorrect on the time to get a doctoral degree, if you get your bachelors and then work on your doctoral degree, you’re looking at 5 years. There’s really no way you can speed it up because on the doctoral level you go to school year around. You’ll need a lot of math for the Ph.D. – especially statistics. I am still in school, but I love what I do – I love learning. And there’s a LOT of learning. If you like learning, and don’t mind doing it for the rest of your life, and you LOVE people, then psychology may be for you!
How long does it take to become a School Psychologist?
Q: How many years of training/school all together does it take to become a school psychologist in New Jersey?
A: I cannot say for sure about the rules/requirements for New Jersey, but in Minnesota, and Nevada (where I lived for about 4 years) both required a minimum of a Masters Degree which is about 6 years in total. You would need to get your Bachelors Degree from an accredited undergraduate college first- preferably in Human Services- Psychology, Community Psychology, Social Work, etc. Then you would have to take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) and score high. You would then apply to graduate school for the program that would allow you to become a school Psychologist. If you went full time, starting in the Fall Semester, it would take an additional 2 years.
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