What does stress cause in teens

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Stress can lower the levels of dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline, which can cause loss of happiness. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-stress-cause-in-teens ]
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What Causes Teen Stress?
Learn to Deal Positively with Life Situations Stress in your life is unavoidable. Get used to the idea, because there is no way around it. The causes of teen stress are many, but the most common is peer pressure. The overwhelming need to fi…
Does School Cause Stress in Teens?
Not only is school alleged to cause stress in teens, but school stress is the top reason that students resort to recreational drugs, according to the 2007 Partnership Attitude Tracking Study of 6,511 teens (see Resources section below). Man…
Can stress cause a teen to age faster?
Unfortunately yeah, excessive stress continuously for long periods of time has the capability to do that.

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Can stress cause a teen to age faster?
Q: In that a 16 yr old could look like a 24 year old? Can excess stress age the physical appearance of teenagers?
A: Unfortunately yeah, excessive stress continuously for long periods of time has the capability to do that.
what causes stress in teens?
Q: i believe school causes stress and depression among teens today what do u think? What are some of your problems about stress.
A: Just being a teenager in our society causes stress.
Cause of teen stress?
Q: What do you think are some causes of teen stress nowadays, except for eating disorders and school and such?
A: Peer pressure, hormones, ‘popularity contests’, experimentation–or pressure to experiment in various areas, working parents who are not available often enough to hear what your problems are, wanting to have the same clothes, accessories, phones, etc. as ‘everybody else’, wanting to be allowed to do all of the same things as ‘everybody else’.Not eating and sleeping properly does not help matters. Not being outdoors getting enough fresh air and exercise doesn’t help, either. Being told that ‘everybody’ has some sort of disorder or mental health problem absolutely doesn’t help.
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