What happens when you keep your feelings inside of you

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Depends on for how long. If you have a healthy release of another form, then nothing. If not, an outburst might occur later. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-when-you-keep-your-feelings-inside-of-you ]
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What will happen if you keep all of your feeling bottled up on th…?
NO. Very unhealthy. Assuming your talking about negative feelings people tend to develope ulcers, have sleeping problems, basicly stress related issues.

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How can I learn to keep my feelings inside and stop being so talkative?
Q: I am very blessed to have 4 close friends I can confide in – my mum, grandma and two friends (who are sisters). But…Sometimes I get into these moods in which when one thing upsets me, everything does and I get very stressed out/nervous/anxious. (I haven’t always been like this. Long story.) Whenever I get this way, I give my grandma a call and tell her my problem, big or small. Her “think positive” attitude always cheers me up and I move on from the issue. But if she isn’t available, I get in even a worse mood then before I called.I also have my mum but she is busy whenever I talk to her. (Already tried to set time aside to talk… she’s not a schedule person.) I feel bad whenever I complain to my two friends since my problems are quite petty compared to things they’re going through but calling them always cheers me up… until I hang up the phone.No, I don’t want to meet/socialize with more/other people. I am a very private person and could never be as open with anyone else as I am with the above mentioned. I don’t want to be this way period. Why can’t I learn to keep my feelings inside? Not just complaints but everything. I constantly feel the urge to mumble on about things I know they aren’t interested in. It’s not for attention, sympathy or out of boredom but because it’s something that’s important to me which I want to share. I find comfort in prayer but often I just need a two-way conversation.I’m realizing I need to change because:1.)My grandma is in the hospital with pneumonia. If anything happened to her, I would loose my mind. I need to lean to cope with my problems without having to call her for positivity. I love her more than I can put in words. 2.)After spending a week with a woman who talks 24/7 (seriously, if she’s awake she’s talking), I realize I don’t want to turn into that. I’ve already been told that I’m like her. That just kills me.I’m actually very shy in public. Strangers always ask if I’m “OK” due to my silence. Unfortunately I can’t shut up when I’m with people I care about.Most advice concerning this topic says the key to overcome talkativity is to become a better listener. My problem is I just want a conversation… no matter if I’m doing the listening or talking part.
A: Write down the things you are feeling. That often helps to release them. Buy a journal and keep your thoughts in it daily. It will help alot.
Keep My Feelings Inside? Or Give Him Hints?
Q: okay well theres this guy and i like him a lot but he already has a girl friend. should i just hide my feelings or give him hints? and if you choose hints what hints do i give? i cant just tell him cause then he’ll think that im trying to break them up and i dont want that to happen but i want him to have an idea i like him but i dont no if thats a good idea either can someone help me please!!!
A: keep your feelings inside. be a friend to him and her. BUT, be ready to tell him how you feel towards him if and when he breaks up with his current girl.may be write down how you feel, date it, and put it in a sealed envelope consider asking your local post office to date stamp the letter. that way you can’t be accused of making the letter up after you know he is single again.speaking as a guy, hints we hardly ever pick up on.the only way we (guys) know what you (women) want is by you telling us exactly in no uncertain terms what you want from us.however one thing that would have a guaranteed effect to get him interested is for you to flash your butt or breasts at him (assuming you are over 18). the choice has to be yours. all anyone on here can do is give you best practice advice, there is nothing guaranteed with this situation. he may not even be interested in you anyway (sorry to say that). did he know you before he decided to go out with his current girl? if yes then give up on him, he is not interested. OR he may have seen you as unatainable and so decided to date his current girl.the only way to know is to talk it out with him. However you say you do not want to break up the relationship, so asking him directly may not be practical.To be perfectly frank. I’d say forget him, and find a guy who is single and more importantly is prepared to treat you how you want and deserve to be treated. your choice. there are hundreds of thousands of single guys on the planet, there are going to be a few who would jump at the chance to date you i guess.but i don’t know you and probably never will, so like i said i can only guess that there are guys who would jump at dating you.whatever happens good luck, i hope it all works out for the best.
How do I win back my best friend, when she tells me that she cant stand me anymore and shes tired of me.?
Q: Ok, so this is my story. I`ve had a best friend since my 9th grade year in high school. We have been close for that long, i mean sure we have had are fights but all friends do. But I`m so scared with that has happend. Ok, so it all happened recently, i started getting feelings for her best friend but her best friend was also a good friend of mine. And i wanted to keep the feelings inside but it just kept eating away at me and i told her best friend that i liked her and her best friend said she liked me to. And things went good for a while, me and her were making plans on dating and eveything, but all we needed to do was to tell my best friend, well we did and she snapped she has not talked to me at all except for the fact that our friendship was over and all that, but god im hurting so bad. I just want to be her best friend again. Please, of any one has any adivce please tell me what i can do to get my best friend back.
A: you can’t win her back…step off
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