What if you dream that your boyfriend is pregnant, what does that dream mean

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It means that he or some aspect of his personal life is growing and developing. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-if-you-dream-that-your-boyfriend-is-pregnant%2C-what-does-that-dream-mean ]
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What does it mean to dream about my boyfriend having a girl pregn…?
Maybe God is trying to take some shock out of the reality of it. My friend had the same dream and her man had gotten not 1 but 2 females pregnant in the same year. Keep your mind, eyes and ears open.
What does it mean if you dream and old boyfriend tells you his gi…?
What Does It Mean When You Dream An Old Boyfriend Tells You His Girlfriend Is Pregnant? You may have had your former boyfriend on your mind and simply had a dream. Dreams sometimes can be very strange and one may wonder why on earth they w…
What does it mean when you dream your pregnant with twins, from a…?
When I was pregnant with my boys I had a dream that I was having twins. My husband made a homemade stroller because we were not ready for twins. When I woke up I told my husband “if we have twins you are not making the stroller.” …

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What does it mean when you dream your pregnant with twins, from an ex boyfriend. I am married?
A: It means you had bad shellfish for dinner. Next time, stick to the steak.
my boyfriend has this dream that I’m pregnant frequently. What does that mean???
Q: my boyfriend keeps having this dream that I am pregnant. He dreams that I stop taking my birth control on purpose and finds a letter I wrote to my friend about what I did. We are living together…in the dream. He approaches me with it, I start crying and leave. What does that mean?
A: Let me analyze the dreamPregnant = ready for new relationship, life.Birth control = stop for new relationship, no babywrote to your friend = way to complainFirst of all, I am not sure about whether he wants a baby. But it sounded like he wants a baby and you don’t want a baby in reality. So, he projected that image of irresponsibilities of you crying. He projected that you were not listening to him. It could mean that he is losing trust in you. He thought that you may not want his baby. Dreaming frequently often means issue has not been resolved. If you really have baby, that dream will go away. To me, he is having that desire to have a steady relationship and yet he somehow didn’t trust you to be able or want to have his baby.Examine your relationship with him and see how you are to him in term of trust
What does it mean if your boyfriend had a dream about you having his baby?
Q: I dont want any children until I get married and my boyfriend says he doesnt either, but then he told me if I got pregnant he wants me to keep the baby and he had a dream I was pregnant. Is he lying to me about not wanting kids right now?Thanks for ALL of your opinions
A: No. He sees you as someone he would love to have kids with, in the future….and if that day should come sooner, he would want to stick it out and work it out with you. ITS A GOOD SIGN….it doesnt mean he wants kids right now, just that he wants them eventually…and with YOU…so be HAPPY
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