What is a good confidence tip

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Do something kind for someone else. Making time in your day for another person is a confidence tip that can help you out. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-good-confidence-tip ]
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How to Gain Self-Confidence Tip #1
It’s true that first impressions are lasting. In your social life and at work, when you communicate with confidence, then you’ve mastered the first step in learning how to gain self-confidence. So, how do you succeed in achieve self…
Do you have a tip for body confidence?
I think it’s about accepting who you are. If you are happy in yourself you can be confident. EATS AND TREATS
What is your biggest confidence tip?
Always wear matching underwear, it will make you feel more attractive and feminine – even if you’re hiding them under baggy tracksuit bottoms!’

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Does anyone have good beauty/confidence tips?
Q: Hey everyone… i was just wondering if anyone had any good beauty tips or like confidence tips? sometimes i feel really ugly for just like certain reasons about me and i guess confidence relates to beauty because i have heard if your confident it makes you look even prettyerThanks for all the help everyone! Just to answer some questions, yes i do wear makeup and i do my hair and stuff. I’m just wondering, how would you look at a confident person? Like could you explain someone you know confident and how they look and act?
A: Be confident about your looks because you cannot change them.You’re always beautiful naturally just the way you are.Don’t change! Be your unique self.Imagine, if everyone in the world looked the same, wouldn’t it be a boring world.You Are Beautiful Just The Way You Are!There will always be a guy for a girl and a girl for a guy. You’ll find the special HIM at the right time, he will think you’re the most beautiful thing in the world!
What are some good confidence building tips for L plater drivers?
Q: im quite close to getting my p’s but i need help getting up the confidence to eventually drive on my own. i still get a little freaked out and ive been driving alot so i know the whole ‘ practise makes perfect’. i have been getting professional lessons and he cant understand why i get so scared. i am quite an alright, safe driver and have not had an accident.i need some help please!
A: Main thing really, relax, take your time, have confidence in yourself and ENJOY the learning experience. Learning to drive can be challenging and indeed, life changing. Think ahead and plan your moves, that way you will not have need or time to ‘freak out’!
What are some good tips on slowly gaining confidence in my case?
Q: What positive thoughts should I keep in my head?Here are things about my that I am a bit self conscious about. I’m 5’11”,skinny(small bum),and black.
A: Sounds like you are pretty handsome already. Learn to understand that everyone is beautiful (outside and inside) in their own way, and even if you do not satisfy standards of some place and culture, it does not mean that you are not a very good beautiful person. Love yourself the way you are, you are worth it, you deserve it.
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