What is a good experiment for psychology

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The Bobo Doll Experiment was performed in 1961 by Albert Bandura, to try and add credence to his belief that all human MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-good-experiment-for-psychology ]
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How to Conduct a Psychology Experiment
Conducting your first psychology experiment can be a daunting task. Learn more about ten of the steps you should follow in order to successfully complete a psychology experiment. More About Psychology … Read More
What’s a good psychology experiment ?
I was unwittingly involved in a fun sociology experiment. It was set up in the school library when everyone was cramming for exams. A student came in and just started singing out loud then recorded our reactions like how many people laughed…
What is a naturalistic experiment in psychology?
A naturalistic experiment (also known as a quasi experiment) studies the impact of an independent variable when it naturally occurs. This is often the case when manipulating the independent variable is difficult to do. For example, you may …

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What would be a good psychology experiment?
Q: I am required to do an experiment in psychology class(Psychology 2), and it needs to be able to be testable on my schoolmates, and possibly some teachers. I need to be able to have a question, and a measurable hypothesis. I was thinking of doing something about ‘leading questions’, such as, will answers be different between questions such as “What did you see” And “Did you see anything”, or “Did anything occur” and “What occurred”, but I don’t know how I could do it…..Any help would be appreciated please.
A: As in Loftus’s bump/crash/smash study? I did one where I manipulated the extremity of words in an opinion based questionnaire (I can’t remember it now, something like on a scale of one to five, do you you think (unnecessary/pointless) hunting is wrong? That was definately not one of my questions. Although being AS coursework they were not good questions really either.)Rather better examples might be either leading eye-witness questions on a commonly watched soap/tv show (one you know most of your class watched) that lead in the same manner as Loftus’s (with non-leading questionnaires for control) about events surrounding the main charactor. Questions will take some time to think up – bad example (What do you think Denise was feeling when she (left/stormed out)? You may want options to choose from to limit the range of responses (i.e. a scale from “annoyed” to “very angry”) to see if you can bias recall.Or if it’s like the Loftus experiment where she asked “when the car when past the speed sign” when there wasn’t a speed sign, you could adapt the above to be similar to that, one question mention something that didn’t appear, a later question ask about it, again, have controlls without the first question but with the second maybe.
whats a good idea for a psychology experiment?
Q: in my psychology class we need to conduct a pshycholoical experiment (ex does music effect a persons intellegence or focus?) it needs to have a testable question, a control, independent variable, dependent variable and 100 ppl to test on…any good or creative ideas?
A: does playing upbeat music affect someone’s immediate attitude?have 100 people write a short story. tell them that they have 20 minutes to write a story about absolutely anything they want to. they can make up the story or write about a real life event. its entirely up to them.with 50 of the people……play music as they write their story. make sure to play the same music for all 50 people. something upbeat. it doesnt have to be loud, just loud enough for them to hear it as they write.then the other 50 people dont have any music playing while they write their story.compare. how do the stories differ from the people who heard music while writing……to those who wrote stories with no music playing?
Help!! What is a good experiment for an experimental psychology class in college?
Q: My roomate and i are trying to come up with an experiment for our experimental psychology class in college. We have to conduct the experiment with participants so people are involved and it needs to be ethical. we have been trying to come up with something for a while now but cant get any good ideas. anyone have any?
A: There are some fun experiments in eye-witness observation. Show a 5 or 10 minute movie and then ask questions and record the answers. Have one of the questions be specious. For example, if there is no red car in the movie, ask something like “did the red car or the white car stop at the stop sign?” Later, ask people how many red cars they saw. See if, by asing questions, you can create memories. If you are just observing behavior, and no affecting it, you can always figure out what lines people get into at the toll booth or the bank or something like that. Have fun.
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