What is a good reason to live

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I would say love is the best reason. Love is such a beautiful and strong emotion. It makes life more enjoyable than anything else. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-good-reason-to-live ]
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What is a good reason to live for?
When everything and everyone is gone we grow up. We learn to live for ourselves and it takes courage because we have to learn to love ourselves – and to do that requires that we get to know ourselves. We live because it is the right thing…
What is your reason to live?
If your life is blank, it gives you more to work with than people who are living for just one thing. I’m not going to say live for God, because not everyone’s into that (including myself). You don’t need a specific reason to live, it’s not …
Do “Zombie Comics” Have a Reason to Live On?
It’s a riddle wrapped in an enigma trapped inside a coffin. A syndicated cartoonist, speaking recently to Comic Riffs, was mourning the lack of fresh blood in the funnies. “Corpse comics,” the cartoonist called those strips whose …

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What reason is there to live if nearly all the good things in your life have gone away?
Q: What is your reason for living… what gets you up in the morning?
A: The good things in life seemingly all nearly vanishing dear one. But not yet completely gone!If I wasn’t able to wake up this morning then I couldn’t have encountered to answer this interesting question. I couldn’t have probably feel the morning breeze and enjoy the morning light..Then to get ready sooner to busy up again to face life’s remaining chances.No need to think of great expectations but great chances that time may bring one up there if only he gets up in the morning and live eachday to move on. Just be aware of what your doing. So as not to make life unworthier than what you could ever think of.Sometimes it is not only the illness of the physical being that should receive the good treatment for a remedy. To recover back a better health (the way before life was inflicted with pain). But it is also how the way one makes up with his life to retrieve the well being once more. It’s also how he stands up and no matter how many times. One could have only fell because he tried, he’s brave and courageous. So then get sturdier, stronger and grow even bigger! To live is to try with the effort of not giving up even the tiniest chance.
I am very sick and I don’t have good reason to live?
Q: I have diabetes ,rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, high blood pressure, high cholesterol , my liver is not working properly, and i have uric acid.i feel very bad … i have no good reason to make me wanna live or go over the treatment and the horrible medicationi am 19 years old
A: Live your life as an example to others.Keep on going!Each and every illness you have can be treated. It sucks that you’ve got them ALL at once, but you must, MUST look at them as battles to be won in one big war.Treat your body as a temple. Weather or not you have a faith in something, or a religion, you need to take a more “spiritual” path alongside the medical one. The docs know what they are doing, and can tackle all this rubbish going on inside you. But you also need to take all the steps you can too.Really look at your diet. How can you help the doctors by putting all the right food in your body? What foods have healing properties?How about pain managment? I get migranes, really bad ones, and tackle them with herbal remedys, temple massage, and a healthy sleep pattern.Have you gone down the acupuncture route? Even Reiki is a great healer of pain.Yeah, I sound all “New age” don’t I?Well, I am! It works for me, it can work for you.That’s why you posted here. You want some help or you really would have given up!Get yourself on the internet again. Find support. Find more crazy new-agers with odd therapies.Heck, you could even find some cause or another to get SO angry about that you decide the world would be a better place if you stayed alive and single handedly fixed it!From the comfort of your bed, of course.Amnesty International always need help. You can help them by sitting in your bed and writing letters to people in prison for non-crimes like criticizing their government. They need to know people are routing to get them out!
What is a good reason and a bad reason to live in Israel?????
Q: i need a push factor, (a reason to leave a place such as poverty,) and 2 pull factors, (a reason to move to a place, such as good education,) and it is for a report i am doing. it is just notes, but, hey. but i have spent 2 days looking for some answers, but i can’t find any!!!! please help me!
A: Reason to live there: Because you are ethnically from the region.Bad Reason : Because “god” told you to.
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