What is a good way to calm your nerves if you are nervous

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To calm yourself when nervous, take a few deep breaths while tilting your head back and visualize yourself doing a good job. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-good-way-to-calm-your-nerves-if-you-are-nervous ]
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What are some ways that can help me calm my nerves??
Well, hon, you may just have an anxiety disorder if this happens frequently. But if not, many people go through your same problems when they get nervous. Here are some tips to calm your nerves: 1)Begin with the most popular ways to calm you…
Is there any way to calm nerves when your out?
What “pills” are you taking, perhaps you need something else
What’s the best way to calm job interview nerves?
Theres no remedy to calm it. Practice doesnt make perfect but it sure will help. Go in there knowing what you want to say. Your a business offer to them. They can make money off of you but you have to advertise yourself correctlly. By havin…

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for cigarette smokers? does smoking calm your nerves when your nervous about somethng?
Q: does it really calm your nerves? makes you feel more relaxed?i was just wondering.
A: The carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke ‘calms your nerves’ by narrowing your blood vessels and restricting the movement of blood through your body and slowing your heart rate, thereby ‘calming your nerves.’ Since the body is heated in part by blood, this also lowers the core body temperature, notably effecting the side of your body that is holding the cigarette (strange but true).
What’s a good way to calm your nerves without drinking or taking any drugs?
Q: Our baby is overdue and could be born at any minute. I’m very nervous about being at the birth but at the same time I don’t want to miss it, and I obviously don’t want to be drunk or drugged up when it happens. Any suggestions?
A: Lots of deep breaths. Positive self-talk and positive focus — such ask, instead of focusing on the reasons you’re nervous, you reinforce thoughts of “Wow, I can’t wait to meet my son/daughter!” or… “I can’t wait to rub my wife’s shoulders/feet/etc to show her how much I support her!” Drink lots of water. Being hydrated helps your body function better. Make sure not to skip meals, even if you’re wife can’t eat. Quietly excuse yourself for a few minutes and grab a snack in the hall. Many people get irritable with low blood sugar … and that will just make the stress harder to handle.Be aware of what your role in the birth will be. Discuss with your wife what she wants from you. Knowing your place and being able to contribute in some way will make you feel more like you have a purpose. Its harder to feel stressed if you’ve busied yourself with a task. The task could be anything from being the photographer to keeping mom’s ice glass filled to a massage to keeping the family up to date on the events. Good luck and congragulations!
What is the best way to calm your nerves before giving a speech to a large audiance?
Q: I have a speech for my first pagent this coming Sunday and it will be before a very large audiance I have given speeches before and I have never been so nervious even right now I am extreemly nervous and it isnt for four whole days! what is a good way I can calm my nerves is there somthing I can do or drink or anything? thanks
A: Practice in front of someone. Make sure you know your intro and conclusion. Also take a deep breath before you start
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