What is a human’s biggest fear

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The one fear that affects most people is the fear of their own death and the unknowing that lies beyond this life. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-human%27s-biggest-fear ]
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What is human biggest fear?
Lonliness. Love is a greater drive than hunger. All you need is love.
What is your biggest fear as a human?
Governing bodies and the general public. M: Karaoke. Dogs hungry for human flesh. I see a lot of those around town lately.
Did you know that the biggest fear we have as human beings is pub…?
In fact, whilst for some of us it is a fundamental part of our job, we dread it every time we have to do it and we even lose sleep over it. Here are the 3 common errors people make when presenting ・ They allow their mind and nerves to take …
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