What is a life coach

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Life coaches are individuals with a background in sociology or psychology, dedicated to helping students achieve their goals..more [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-life-coach ]
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A life coach is a professional that you can hire to help you define, set and achieve your goals. Life coaches provide motivation and encouragement. The life coach’s entire role in the process is…
A life coach is not a psychiatrist. He is someone who will help improve your personal and/or professional life by offering support and encouragement while suggesting new ways to achieve your goals. A life coach is more of a partnership than…
A Life Coach is a person who helps you to make the most of your life by coaching you through changes in your life such as a career change or even “empty nest” syndrome after your children are grown , gone & you just don’t know…

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How can a life coach support battered women powerfully rebuild their lives?
Q: I had heard of an organization in Southern Calfornia that supports women who have been battered to create completely new lives with a job and home using hair stylists, therapists, coaches, home renovation folks, etc. The particular organization (which I can’t remember the name of) already had a life coach that was providing support for their particular area. I’d like to find another organization in Southern California where I could volunteer my services. Can anyone help point me in the right direction?
A: Life coaching for women who have been battered is a great idea and awesome that you want to volunteer in that capacity! Here’s a (long) list of over 150 agencies that specialize in domestic violence services in California:http://www.safenetwork.net/directory.cfmand a list of California domestic violence shelters:http://www.divorcesource.com/shelters/california.shtml
How does one become a personal or life coach?
Q: Is any formal certification necessary to be a personal / life coach? Also, are most personal / life coaches self-employed consultants, or do some work for companies that provide such services? Any information about the field of life coaching will be appreciated.
A: If I were going to do this, I would definitely have some college behind me. I would rather go to a life coach who has a degree, so I am assuming most people would as well. Do a search online to see what kind of degress are held by these people. Possibly a psych degree would be good. You know, the study of human behavior. Search out someone who is a life coach now and ask them. I don’t see why they wouldnt’ talk to you and answer your questions. I think there are a few of these types of people on myspace. I may even have one on my friends list. I will post the link below if you would like to look through them. Myspace would be an excellent place to search for a life coach to probe their brain. Good luck.
How do I become a life coach? What education credentials should I have before starting the business?
Q: I graduated this past spring with bachelors in psychology and i want to do something with it. I am in grad. school right now and i currently work at a mental/behavioral hospital. i would like to start a life coach business, but i’m not sure what is required. I want to know, do I have enough education background to legally start the business and what other legal stuff will I need to know about? I live in ohio and I have looked on the gov’s. site for establishing a new business, but it is less than helpful.I want to specialize in high school sports and self-esteem building workshops.Thanksjason
A: There are none. It’s also incredibly competitive.If you want to start that business, just do it. The most important factor will be your own promotional efforts. See if you can find the early-career stories of folks like Michel Fortin, who are slightly off the beaten path in the self-help game but still produce a decent bulk of material.Also, educate yourself on it (obviously) — that’s probably how you got the idea in the first place. See what the other marketers in your field are doing- particularly Jeffery Gitomer and Stephan Schiffman- to stay on top of their sphere. The industry of which you’re speaking is surprisingly mature- you won’t be able to take it by storm the way Anthony Robbins did in his youth- but it’s far from dead.If I were you I’d focus self-education in a direction which suits your desired image and personality- classicism for one particular sort of flair, sports for another. Just today I was reading Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads, wherein Williams probes the far reaches of history, literature, and- sigh, yes- psychology to bring us an amazing perspective on the world around us and how to divert its money toward us ;)Finally, my own personal hunch but I bet I could find people to back me on this- stop revving your engine and get into gear. Less school, more legwork. If you’re serious about this then it should be no problem for you to burn some midnight oil and work up a quick folio of products/services to offer, then go sell somebody something! =)If you haven’t, also make SURE you’ve read The Little Red Book of Selling (Gitomer), E-Myth Master (Michael Gerber), one of Schiffman’s “25” books or or Telesales, and at least one of David Ogilvy’s major titles.These geniuses of self-promotion and topical expertise will show you what works in the field you’re attacking.Also, consider myself an open-eared ally and email at your leisure.Finally, cement your key connections by giving back- whether business, expertise, or personal synergy. Start by rating this answer the best =)
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