What is a nerves breakdown

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A nervous breakdown is not a clinical term, but can apply to many different situations in which someone begins to exhibit -more? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-nerves-breakdown ]
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What is a Nerves Breakdown?
It’s when you just can’t function anymore and you completely lose your bearings. It’s not any specific mental illness, and it isn’t an official term, but it is a pretty severe thing to have happen.
What is a “nervous breakdown”?
What is a “nervous breakdown”? In the Middle Ages, it was called melancholia . In the early 1900s, it was known as neurasthenia . From the 1930s to about 1970, it was known as a nervous breakdown . “Nervous breakdown” i…
How to Deal with a Nervous Breakdown
What is a nervous breakdown? “Nervous breakdown” is a non clinical term which is used to describe the onset of mental illness or a psychological disorder such as a variety of depressive or anxiety disorder. Why do breakdowns oc…

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Will my nerves ever get back to “normal” after a nervous breakdown?
Q: I had a nervous breakdown just over three years ago. My nerves are still raw. Is there any hope? I don’t want to go on medication, have done that before and that makes me feel worse.I have changed my lifestyle…dramatically. That has helped. I fortunately no longer have to work. I am an extreme introvert. Being alone, off by myself is what makes me happy. I don’t want to fix that for me that is good and healthy.I avoid all situations that give me problems.(I learned this the hard way as I know some people would tell me to face what I have problems with…that is what gave me the breakdown in the first place). Thankyou for your answers.Doc tried several medications…..I would rather feel like this than a zombie. I would like to take the one that take the edge off and then wear off. That would be good. But one of the big changes I have made is I moved across the country and no longer have a doc(much less one who knows what I have been through). I have tried drinking(am not a drinker) so gave up on that. I quit smoking during my breakdown(brillant,eh??) but have boughten a pack and they are in my jacket..haven’t smoked one yet but I don’t know what else to do.
A: Never
What is a Nerves Breakdown?
A: It’s when you just can’t function anymore and you completely lose your bearings. It’s not any specific mental illness, and it isn’t an official term, but it is a pretty severe thing to have happen.
Can caregivers of our sick and elderly parents have a nerves breakdown?
Q: For over a year now I have been caring for my sick and elderly parents. Since my son died they went over night into diapers, meds, and shots I give them, canes and walkers, coming out of the hospital not being able to drive and I do that. I already have panic disorder, so really gets that kicking. I have been talking with social workers and I have a great church family. My parents turn down help. They want to go back to the way it was before and will not leave their home. I am taking care of my home their home and the yards. Food for all, and raising two grandkids. I know I have to take time for me. I am walking for my sanity and health. Did I mention my husband recently had a heart attack. I do have bad panic at times and go to the er for check ups. My check up was fine. I do have to take klonopin for panic on bad days. Helps me get through the day. I think if we talk it out with others and get advice we will be okay. I do believe it when I have read that people with panic disorder have a high regard for others.
A: Karen honey, find a good nursing home for those two selfish parents of yours and take care of yourself and your husband. Your parents have had long and happy lives. It is very selfish of them to expect for life to go on exactly how it has been for them while they were still self-sufficient. You could easily die before them because of the stress of taking care of so much! Why in the world don’t people face the fact that someday they will not be able to care for themselves? It is so selfish to not plan ahead. People buy health and life insurance – so why don’t they also buy nursing home insurance so that they can live in the best nursing home available in their community? Why do they take for granted that their children will be able to care for them and deal with their own health issues and family problems and work and keep a roof over their heads? Talk about the ultimate in selfishness.
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