What is a passive-aggressive personality

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Passive-aggressive personality behave in ways that appear inept/passive; avoiding responsibility or controlling/punishing others. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-passive%26%2345%3Baggressive-personality ]
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What is passive aggressive personality disorder?
Passive-aggressive Personality Disorder. Passive-aggressive personality disorder is a chronic condition in which a person seems to passively comply with the desires and needs of others, but actually passively resists them, in the process be…
What is a “passive aggressive” personality??
It’s someone that expresses their agression toward someone in a way that avoids confrontation. Here are some examples. * Person behind you in an airplane who tries to prevent your seat from reclining, but when you turn around and ask, they …
How to Deal with Passive Aggressive Personalities
Quick Tips to Navigate the Troubled Waters of Underhanded Anger It’s Wednesday and I’m planning a party for a group of friends for Saturday. I call Tracy and ask if she will be there. “Sounds fun. See you then.”, she answers. I ha…

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How do you deal with a relative with passive aggressive personality disorder?
Q: My daugher in law has passive aggressive personality disorder. She attacks me as a person through her own web site and will not talk to me about things that are bothering her. I love my son and granddaughters and don’t want to alienate them, but I just don’t know how to deal with my daugher in law. My son says it’s like living in hell with her at times, but he does love her so I respect that.
A: http://www.umm.edu/ency/article/000943sym.htmhttp://www.passiveaggressive.homestead.com/this is one of the sites, which have information of it.Since it is a psychologial disorder, you have to treat it like that.One of the syptoms is ‘rejecting authority’Pehaps that site can lead you to other sites which have a support forum, there are other people who deal with this and you are not alone.the second link is a support forum , where people can help eachother with it. I hope it can help.
How do you deal with a loved relative who has passive aggressive personality disorder and won’t seek help?
Q: My daughter in law has passive aggressive personality disorder. She gets upset about little things and blows it up into a major problem in her mind then attacks through an open forum (like web site). I have tried to work with her, but she has so much hidden anger, that it’s extremely frustrating. P.A. people often attack the people they depend on and when they get a negative reaction, they turn around and think they are the victims. They don’t see how they create their own problems.
A: You are correct. They do not realize what is going on, and often are their own worst enemy! Love your daughter-in-law from a distance. But does she live in the same house as you?Choose not to become someone for her to blame. Stop responding to her baited questions. Yet, allow her to have her opinions. You can say, “Well, that’s your opinion, and I respect your opinion.” (Do you go that far already, to be nice?)Remember, the only one you can change, is yourself. And the way she affects you. Don’t give her that much power. God bless her, again. Indeed. With personal insight, and with a forgiving heart. Amen.And God bless you, with acceptance. May He show you a kindness to give the daughter-in-law, that will eventually be reciprocated. Amen.
How to recover from passive-aggressive personality disorder?
Q: I have a lot of things going on in my life right now but I cant take care of them until i get my head on straight. But how can i recover from this passive aggressiveness that has taken over my life? How can i get out of it and learn to live a normal life?
A: http://www.coping.org/anger/passive.htm#correct
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