What is a simple minded person

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Simple minded person is lacking in mental acuteness or sense. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-simple-minded-person ]
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Would you rather be a unhappy genius, or average simple minded pe…?
Simple-minded, even though I’m more on the smart-side as of now. I’m not a genius-freak, and I don’t ever wanna be. I know what you mean by what they talk makes no sense, they can go on for hours not knowing what they’re talking about….I …
How could a simple-minded person compete with others in working e…?
know what you have to do. do it well. ask questions. turn it in on time. be curious and develop some imagination about your career choice. = competitive.

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What does it mean to be simple minded and can a simple minded person be intelligent?
A: very rare for a simple minded person to be intelligent, simple minded people are usually ignorant. they are the ones that never ask questions, they are predjudice, they are just plain ignorant so its rare for a simple minded person to be intelligent.
a simple minded person can be successful or not?
Q: most of the times it is said a simple person cannot become successful because he dont indulge in arguments and he is not self confident and always depends on others……..
A: Yes.Hollywood is full of simple minded successful people.
Are you a “complicated” person who likes “simple minded” questions?
Q: Or a “simple minded” person who likes complicated questions?
A: That is a catchy question. I think neither, I like questions that make you think. That way you learn. Am I simple minded, no. Am I a complicated person. no. So you draw your own conclusion to my answer, what ever you think will be right.
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