What is abnormal sexual desires

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Satyriasis is an abnormal, uncontrollable sexual desire in men. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-abnormal-sexual-desires ]
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Can Requip cause my husband to have abnormal sexual desires??
Yes, one of the more unusual side effects of this medication is loss of inhibition, including increased risk of compulsive gambling, and increased sexual urges. From their website: “Also tell your doctor if you or your family notices t…

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If it’s called nymphomania when a woman has uncontrollable abnormal sexual desires, then…?
Q: what is it called for men? Just curious….. o_0WTF why does our thing have a name and their’s doesn’t….LOL (by the way i actually like all your answers haha!)
A: normal
is it abnormal to love someone from the same gender without any sexual desires and expectation?
Q: is it abnormal to love someone greatly for their qualities that is visible only to me,though there are no blood relation?..is it abnormal to love someone from the same gender without any sexual desires and expectation?does this phenomenon exist or am i creating an impossible bond?
A: It is normal. You could love anyone from any gender, any race, any age, etc without any sexual desires and expectation. If it’s mutual, some people calls it best friends. 🙂 I have this kind of bond with a really dear friend. Our families like to joke that we’re a couple because we really enjoy being with each other. (not everyone could understand though that we love each other, but not in a sexual way, she’s like a family, a friend, soul mate, it’s really hard to explain it without giving a false impression)I think I’m really lucky to have this kind of bonded friendship, not everyone has something like this. So, even though this is rare, this phenomenon does exist. 🙂
Am I the only person who has control over my sexual desires?
Q: Like I can masturbate everyday OR once a year, and still be fine.I feel as if most people don’t have as much control as me.Does this mean that my sexdrive is abnormal?
A: sweetSteveC
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