What is an easy way to sleep

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1. Play a soothing relaxation tape or CD. Pop in a tape or a CD with soothing nature sounds. Play it at a low volume. Let the..MOR [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-an-easy-way-to-sleep ]
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What is A easy way to sleep?
Depending on your age, if you are having trouble sleeping as long as your health is good and your getting enough exercise take a Benedryl before bedtime. Or take a walk before bedtime.
Is there an easy way to stop yourself from drooling while you sle…?
Breathing through your nose and sleeping on your back will both prevent you from drooling in your sleep. ChaCha!
What’s an easy way to get to sleep?
Closing your eyes is always a start… Sometimes we forget to breath right, so try closing your eyes and breathing in for five seconds and then out for five seconds… you’ll get lots of oxigen and you’ll get tired of focusing on breathing …

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What’s an easy way to get to sleep when you have trouble sleeping?
Q: I always seem to be worrying about something, or stressing out about something, or songs running through my head and I have a hard time sleeping. I’d just like to sleep for a good 8 hours at least without having to take pills for it.
A: i’m just like you.. i lay down and just think about everything.. but i hate meds..concentrate on your breathing.. inhale through your nose and exhale through you mouth.. it’s a yoga technique.. also exercise during the day will help.. it will relieve tension and help to tire you out..
whats an easy way to get to sleep?
Q: whats an easy way to get to sleep besides taking pills and having a warm bath or something like that?
A: Eat your main meal at least 2 hours b4 bed. Then have small snack b4 sleep, like one cookie and a cup of tea or some fruit.Dont excercise too close to sleep, read in bed b4 sleep (makes you tired) and dnt use electronics too close to sleep.
I sometimes have difficulty sleeping. What’s an easy way to fall sleep without taking sleeping pills?
A: Go to bed at the same time every day and get up at the same time. All lights and noises out. Put on some special relaxing music. NOT what you listen to. Buy one of those special relaxing CD’s. Then think of waterfalls, running water, and only good things.
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