What is being cynical

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A sign of being cynical is when you think the worst of human nature and motives. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-being-cynical ]
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How do I stop being cynical?
Interesting question Friday, October 05, 2007 12 Action Steps to Stop Being Cynical I am really enjoying Mike Huckabee’s new book, “From Hope to Higher Ground.” Here are his 12 actions steps to stop being cynical, especially on a …
Is it THAT hard to understand? Am I being too cynical about this??
Not cynical at all! You do drugs. You fail a drug test. You’re the A-grade candidate who’s spent 8 weeks interviewing for the job. The employer now has to go out and recruit B-grade candidate over a period of another 8 weeks. B-grade candid…
How can I stop being so cynical?
Hi, anonymous person. I hope my answer helps, but you have to be 100% gut-wrenching honest with YOURSELF. First, identify when in your life the entire world began to be so horrible. What happened? You are really mad/depressed about somet…

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How do you find a happy medium between avoiding disappointment and being too cynical?
Q: I don’t handle disappointment very well when it comes to things that point out my shortcomings. It makes me very depressed and angry with myself for not being good enough. But I sometimes get so cynical that nothing makes me excited or I talk myself out of a fighting chance of something I want. Anybody have good advice on how to deal with this problem?
A: Sounds like you have a very low self-esteem not as much as being cynical. There are many cynics out there who are pretty full of themselves or are confident in themselves–they just have a pretty pragmatic if not often pessimistic outlook on the world. Don’t go to meds for a solution to problems unless you’re SURE it’s a chemical imbalance or something else. And only a doctor will be able to tell you that for sure. You probably are thinking of a simple and short term solution but gaining confidence in yourself and having a better outlook on the world takes time. I think that instead of dwelling on your shortcomings, start doing other activities to get your mind off of it. You’re not the only one who has shortcomings…everyone in the world does. Your worst habit is to pick at your faults as if they need to be rid off entirely. That’s not the case my friend. I know i have my own faults and bad habits but instead of trying to eliminate it entirely–which is pretty impossible–i learn to deal with it. It makes me “me” along with the good qualities i have. Also, expand on the things that you ARE good at, and do not tell me that you have NOTHING to be proud of. It irks me to see people giving excuses after excuses for being so down all the time and not trying to change at all ( i especially hate the excuse of “I don’t want to change myself”). There are some things you shouldn’t change but lets face it you’ve been changing as a child up till now. I always tell them to grow up…since it IS a process of changing and is pretty inevitable. Go out and get in touch with your community. I often find that people who care about others often end up feeling good about themselves and are more happy–since they’re not always going “me me me” all the time. Put your energy into doing something you like. You can’t stop from being cynical every so often, i know it happens to me, so try to find the lighter side to the situation when there is one. Also set goals for yourself like where do you want to be three or five years from now, or what new things should you try this year. Setting goals and achieving them, even small ones, allow you to feel good about yourself. Often, the reason that people give excuses for not doing something they want is because they’re scared of facing it or failing to do it. My only advice to that is just do it. What if you fail, so what. Failure is life. It’s more important to learn how to accept it and know how to go from there. Learn from your mistakes; people always say that but not many actually practice what they preach. Get a good support system for yourself…and yea that means going out there and making some genuine friend/s.
How could a person stop being so cynical towards people?
Q: How could a person stop being so cynical towards other people?What could help?
A: Grow stronger as a person yourself. Gain more self-esteem and worth, and for the most part, don’t judge other people.You’re best bet would be to get a hobby, or find something to occupy your time with. It’s all about change of consciousness my friend. Remember the road to being a better person is paved with set-backs, but don’t give up.
What is the difference between being cynical and being pessimistic?
Q: Some people say i am cynical. Others say i am pessimistic And others say they don’t mean the same thing.
A: Pessimists point out the problems of everything that surrounds them. They target people a lot, usually talk about negativities and you cant really expect them to say “This is so great!” or “Wow, Im so happy for you!” or even apologise to you.Cynics tend to drift more towards questioning motives… Not trusting the system, they aim to be a little less naive or they just dont associate with the system because they’re pessimistic about it. These two sometimes but not always link, it varies from person to person.
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