What is dualism in psychology

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Dualism is the presumption proposed by Descartes that the human mind and body are two distinct entities. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-dualism-in-psychology ]
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What is Dualism?
The person above is correct. We are stuck in an apparent epistomlogical dualism in which our minds cannot discover anything but “matter in motion” which, if true, renders what the mind tells us about matter meaningless. In other…
What is “Substantive Dualism” in theistic psychology??
I n history of psychology textbooks, dualism is always discussed in relation to the “body-mind issue,” which has been debated by every generation of philosophers and psychologists since Aristotle and Plato. Ordinarily it is Descar…
What implications does the Church-Turing Thesis have for monist v…?
Psychology takes CTT farther than either Church or Turing intended. ‘Effective’ and ‘recursive’ will cause problems where CTT is intended to answer questions other than cognitive. Turing showed that the the ‘Halting Problem’ was unsolvable….

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Where can I find a philosophy/psychology article comparing functionalism and dualism?
Q: preferably from a philosophy point of viewalso….im concerned with dualistic interactionism, but if the article doesnt contains dualism in general that is sufficient
A: In most search engines, you can restrict your search to university research articles by including site:edu in the query.By restricting your search to edu type sites, you will find more formal discussions, rather than individual opinions or rants.
In psychology, what exactly is the meaning of dualism….I’m really confused. ?
Q: thanks!
A: Basically there can be two contrasting views, and you can only have one or the other, nothing in between. Like good vs. evil One main view in psychology is the view that the mind and body function separately.
Your psychology professor says that we are biological creatures and are heavily influenced by our genes. You a?
Q: Your psychology professor says that we are biological creatures and are heavily influenced by our genes. You are not sure that you agree with her, believing that we are who we are because of our environment and what we learn. You and your psychology professor are:a describing the parts of the nature-nurture issue. b expressing views that Wundt studied. c demonstrating the interactive dualism debate. d describing the questions that Aristotle wrote about I think it is c
A: the correct answer is “A”the professor is expressing the ‘nature’ side, and you are articulating the ‘nurture’ side.
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