What is happiness

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Happiness – attended by luck or good fortune. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-happiness ]
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Happiness This is a difficult question. If one can do things one likes and has no worries, then one may find that one is happy. I think that happiness is usually a ‘by-product’ of other things – of being free of cares and doing what one enj…
No one can ever be truly happy Happiness is an imaginary condition, formerly attributed by the living to the dead, by the poor to the rich and nowadays usually attributed by adults to children, and by children to adults. The pursuit of happ…
I was just curious what is happiness to a bipolar person? Also, what do you think happiness is for the person your living with? For example: My husband loves to sleep in, get nachos for lunch, stay in PJs all day, watch 4 hours of movies,…

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Q: Im doing an art project and it involes happiness i need to find some objects that people associate with happiness plz help
A: A birth.
What defines happiness in life or how is it one defines it, is happiness related to bliss?
Q: I am wondering if happiness is related to bliss, can anyone really achieve true happiness. Or is it how oneself defines happiness?
A: Happiness is a sensation that shows up in ones mind and emotions as a reaction when basic survival needs are fulfilled. It causes a state of being that is felt as satisfying and uplifting. This sensation stays for a while and then fades slowly away, leaving the individual in a kind of void that causes discomfort and the longing to repeat the condition of happiness. An example: If someone is very hungry, then will feel happy when getting some food, it doesn’t really matter what it is. Then this feeling of happiness stays in ones memory connected with food and every time one feels not good, for whatever reason, then having the urge to start eating. (It is surprising to me that nobody mentions this when answering questions about weight problems…) Apart of having food for ones happiness there are quite a number more of basic needs: The sexual urge is strong and when fulfilled gives a kind of happiness. The need to get attention is also strong and when fulfilled gives satisfaction and happiness. Being confirmed in ones power gives another kind of happiness. Being confirmed in ones concepts and ones self-image gives happiness, what mostly happens in a relationship when ‘falling in love’ with the produced feeling of happiness. The problem is that this kind of happiness never is enough and so people eating more and more, wanting more sex, going for more power and attention or gathering more property and so on. So then after having what they wanted, they are not really happy and so they become spiritual or religious… or even fanatic or obsessed. That might give their life a new sense and makes them happy. But are people really happy? Or are they just occupied with their new beliefs and so they don’t need to deal with their state of not being happy? It seems that the most happiness is gained when ones concepts and self-image are confirmed. Then this gives a certain security and establishes the feeling of existence.So is happiness the preliminary stage of bliss? No, it isn’t, because happiness is bound to the personality with conditions and positions, while bliss goes beyond personality and so is not a reaction, it is a pure state of being, as the result of a growing process and can’t be reached with intention or any kind of manipulation.The next question might be if there is a way to gain permanent happiness or even bliss? Yes there is: It is the way given because we are alive and we are not alone. We need to interact with each other and with all kind of situations and happenings. If we relate and respond with responsibility, we will free ourselves from dependencies. We will be able to appreciate what is given in any moment and see it as an opportunity to learn and to grow, having the trust that this situation is the best what can be and if it is difficult, then we can see it as a challenge. Out of this attitude there will come the constant condition of happiness.BeiYin
What is happiness, where does it come from and how do we achieve happiness?
Q: I am doing a research paper on happiness and I need people’s input on:1. What happiness is? 2. Where does happiness come from?3. Is happiness always with you or does it come and go?4. How do you obtain happiness?Thank you for answering these questions. If you have any questions please e-mail me.
A: 1. What happiness is?Accepting everything as it is.2. Where does happiness come from?It comes from seeing things clearly without judgment.3. Is happiness always with you or does it come and go?The potential for happiness is always there, but sometimes I get caught up in my fears. 4. How do you obtain happiness?I like to exercise and listen to music and look at art.I like to be around good people.I try to recognize my thoughts and feelings and be aware of them and my judgments. I try to see things clearly and take action on the things I can change, but try to accept the things I cannot change.For example: Sometimes when I’m walking I am aware that I feel disturbed. I will say to myself, “I’m aware that I feel disturbed” and this allows me to see my disturbance and yet I’m also, at the same time, aware that I am grateful for many things in my life and not just wrapped up in my feeling of disturbance. The problem happens when I say to myself, “I SHOULDN’T FEEL disturbed”. If I feel disturbed AND I feel I should feel great, now I have TWO problems.
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