What is lucid dreaming and how do you do it

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Lucid dreaming is simply dreaming while being aware you are dreaming. You can think of lucid dreaming as being conscious …MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-lucid-dreaming-and-how-do-you-do-it ]
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What is lucid dreaming? There is a lot of research being done in dream control, particularly in the areas of lucid dreaming and dream incubation. Lucid dreaming is a learned skill and occurs when you are dreaming, you realize you are dream…
Lucid dreaming is defined as dreaming when the dreamer knows that they are dreaming
A lucid dream is when you are in a conscious sleep state, allowing you to be aware that you are in a dream state and even take control of your dreams. They are so much fun. It’s like The Matrix and you are The One. You can say what you want…

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How realistic is lucid dreaming and how do I know that I am lucid dreaming?
Q: I was just browsing the internet and ended up on lucid dreams and now i am fascinated with them. I have read some techiniques that help you lucid dreams, but I don’t really know what I should look for when I manage to lucid dream. I guess I am just worried that if I think I am lucid dreaming I may end up doing something like screaming at the top of my lungs and it ends up that I am not dreaming and I end up in some trouble.
A: i have lucid dreams ALL the time man. here’s some questions to ask yourself when wondering if you’re dreaming1. is everything sorta trippy and outta focus?(it happens)2. do a variety of reality checks, do they fail?but trust me man you’ll KNOW if you’re dreaming, i just automatically know and so will you -harry
How can I start dreaming, so I can lucid dream?
Q: I want to start to lucid dream, but I cant remember any dreams I have any more. So I decided to start a dream journel (If I ever remember anything). Anyone have any other tips on how I can start dreaming again / remembering them again?Or any tips on lucid dreaming?
A: Well you are supposed to wake up naturally, and not by your mom (like me) or by an alarm clock. Unfortunately, this prevent several people from remembering their dreams due to school and stuff. Once you have naturally woken up, you have to remain in bed and try to remember what you dreamed. Just try and remember. I’ve tried both of these steps and found that they actually work!Once you remember, you can get out your journal and write what occurred in your dream, and what you think it means.-Good Luck, hope I helped!
What are some good techniques for lucid dreaming?
Q: I’ve been reading up on Lucid Dreaming lately. I was curious if you personally experience them, and what you did to learn it?I read the first step is dream recall. Anyone keep a dream diary?
A: Yeah, I do.I always remember my dreams, anyway, but I still keep a diary.Best way to dream is to eat heaps of cheese just before bed time – works every time for me (and a little red wine helps it go down . . )
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