What is mean-tempered

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Mean-tempered: Easily upset, angered. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-mean%26%2345%3Btempered ]
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What does tempered mean?
1. made hard or flexible or resilient especially by heat treatment 2. adjusted or attuned by adding a counterbalancing element
What Does Ill Tempered Mean?
An ill tempered person is someone with a bad temper, easily angered, easy to get mad.
Is it true that cocker spaniels are a mean/bad tempered dogs ??
A well bred Cocker from a great breeder should be well tempered. It is part of the breed standard. Problem Cockers – and there are many – are from bad breeders taking advantage of a breed that used to have a good reputation. Even saying tha…

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Are siamese cats mean tempered?
Q: I have been wanting to get a cat for awhile now. I love the look of siamese cats. I have been looking to get one, but my mom told me that she heard they are mean.. I have a one year old baby and I dont want to get a cat that I’m going to have to worry about the cat scratching my baby..Does anyone know about siemese cats?
A: Very Loveable… What else can I say… Have a great day??…. hahhahaGlady
Why are some of the prettiest girls so mean tempered?
Q: Don’t get me wrong, I like them, but why are they so snappy?What makes some girls more attractive when they’re quick tempered?Special-Chemical-X,Yes, and I understand that, but I want to know from the women, not from u.Thanks anyway!Truth Teller,Yeah, almost, but not quite there, but yes, it does have to do with what you’re saying.
A: some pretty women are snappy because they just like everybody else have esteem issues.if you are always told that you are pretty by people it kinda gives some an ego trip.personality makes even an average person look better
My dog Delilah has a mean temper, how can I calm her??
Q: She’s a year old and she’s been a pain in the butt since she was a little puppy. She’s half chiuahuah and half tsi tzu (spelling error). I wish she would be a lot calmer like the other dogs in my neighborhood instead of going hysterical all the time. Any suggestions? Any Advice? Help???
A: Uhm… You could have socialized her when she was little.. Socialized her around calm dogs… Not given attention when she acted up.. Not ran around trying to figure out what she wanted.. Only giving attention to her when she was calm and quiet.. Teaching her that the only way to get something was with calm quiet behaviour. Can start now.. Crate train her and don’t let her get away with acting like that.
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