What is metacognitive

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Metacognitive is the ability to reflect and think about the “thinking” process itself. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-metacognitive ]
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What is Metacognitive?
“it includes knowledge about when and where to use particular strategies for learning or for problem solving.” “Metamemory, individuals’ knowledge about memory, is an especially important form of metacognition.” Differen…
What Does Metacognitive Mean?
Metacognition is defined as “cognition about cognition”, or “knowing about knowing.”[1] It can take many forms; “it includes knowledge about when and where to use particular strategies for learning or for problem …
How to Use Metacognitive Strategies
・ 1 Make predictions. If you are in the first chapter of a book, predict what you think will happen in… ・ 2 Ask yourself questions. Put yourself in the shoes of one of the characters and ask yourself what you… ・ 3 Make connections. Ther…

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How do I construct metacognitive questions in my lesson plan for preschool?
A: Maybe you’re going too fast for them. Preschool doesn’t have to be that complicated.I don’t think that “thinking about thinking” is something a preschooler can adequately comprehend.Teach them abcs and 123s, colors, shapes and how to be nice to each other. Preschool is to ready a child for kindergarten…not to show them how to analyze themselves!
what is the ratio of ai scientist focus on brain research comparing to those more interested in metacognitive?
A: Brain research is driven by setting up the right hypothesis which results in demonstrating something that is very narrow.Metacognition, on the other hand, is hardly scientific and is primarily conducted by individuals who theorize under the power of a joint. It would be difficult to arive at an indisputable ratio but some claim it is something like 1 and 7 (or 12.5%).
Could one make an arguement that intuition is inference that one is not “cognitive” (or metacognitive) of?
Q: Inference is reading between the lines. It is understanding what is not said by the tones and words that are said. Like “Tell them your news” might suggest “I already know your news, so tell the others.” Could intuition actually be the sensory ability to inference the cues of others (body language, energy etc.) without being able articulate the cues that made you intuitive? Please, any help would be great.
A: Yes that argument can be made. The trouble is we have so many ‘issues’ with society that we can’t believe that our brains are so wonderful and skillful.Science has proved that we are more sensitive than most people are willing to believe. Our hands, eyes, ears,and minds can collect information with out us knowing it consciously. That is why we dream. Dreaming helps us make sense of our world.
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