What is the basis of psychology

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Psychologists study structures of the brain, how we sense and perceive the world around us, how we learn, and what motivates us. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-basis-of-psychology ]
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What is the basis of Jungian psychology?
Jungian psychology is based on psychic totality and psychic energism. He postulated two dimensions in the unconscious—the personal (repressed or forgotten content of an individual’s mental and material life) and the archetypes (images, patt…
Is Positive Psychology the Basis of the Law of Attraction?
The term “positive psychology” first appeared in the last chapter of Dr. Abraham Maslow’s 1954 book Motivation and Personality, the title of which was, “Toward a Positive Psychology.” In this chapter, Maslow maintains th…
What is the best theory to base an essay on Psychology As A Scien…?
William James and Wilhelm Wundt are the most famous intropspectionists, from the early 1900s. However, the Behaviourists came about and said that their self examination of the mind is not objective, and argued that behaviour can only be see…

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Do medical receptionists take a basis psychology course?
Q: I recently went for a blood test and some weeks back I had a mammogram. A few months ago I was with my husband when he went for a colonoscopy. Hospitals make me anxious, so probably I wasn’t outgoing or friendly with the receptionist. However, I find that receptionists in hospitals and clinics are very abrupt and sometimes a bit rude. Aren’t they supposed to understand that clients might be anxious? Don’t they know a bit of basic psychology?
A: Yes, You are right. They must go through the basic psychology course. Psychology simply means study of human mind. Esp the people who works with medical field. They should know how to deal with peoples. Anxious causes many diseases in human body. studies are proving that it cause for high BP and its lead to heart attacks. you can reduce any kind of illness by your strong will power, if you loose the will power any disease can catch you and it could spread so fast.In conclusion clinical related staffs must learn about BASIC PRINCIPLES OF HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY.Thanks
Do those right/left brain quizzes have any real basis in psychology?
Q: in other words, are they complete BS?
A: I vote for complete BS, but it depends on how thorough they are really! Some spinning ballerina probably isn’t going to do it.Right brainers aren’t always completely useless at using their left brain and vice-versa so it would be unfair to judge somebody on a few specific traits like being musically inclined or left or right handed.
what are the neurobiological basis of psychology?
Q: pls. do help me i’m a nursing freshman.tnx!!
A: aye-yi-yiI did take Neuro-PsychoBiology, but i HAAAAAAATED it ÜIt has its basis in the Cognitive Psychology Perspective (where we think of the brain as similar to a computer) is focuses on the neuro transmitters in the brain and the processes that occur during various cognitive functions. (sigh) Since you are in Nursing you might remember all about synapse’s’ and dopamine receptors? This study believes that behavior and function and thought are partially based on chemical reactions and balances.It takes psychology and marries it with biology – for example: schizophrenics. While it is a psychological disorder (according to the DSM-4). In order to help those afflicted with it, one must look at more then just behavior.The neurobiological basis of schizophrenics is based on chemical reactions in the brain, misfiring if you will. This is where Neuroscience comes into play. I can elaborate if you need me to (just post it here, I’ll check back later), but my own brain is getting all upset at thinking about it again. ;->
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