What is the best way to become a better person

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Becoming a better person takes desire and willingness to look at yourself with brutal honesty. The start of the journey may MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-way-to-become-a-better-person ]
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What is the best way to become more of a social person??
“Suceed Socially has tips for being more social.” Here are some general pointers on how to be a more friendly, social person. A quickie definition of ‘friendly’ would be being nice to, and interested in, other people. I’d define ‘…
Would you like to know that way how to become a better person??
“No, I’d like to know another way instead, please. ” For Heaven’s sake stand back and read your question. It’s utter nonsense.
What is the best way for a person to become knowledgeable??
it all depends on what u are wantin to become knowledgeable about. if its academics then u need the formal education. if its a trade then experience is best. if it’s common sense….you’re outta luck.

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What is the best way to become a better person?
Q: I have a mental disorder and I hate everything about myself. I want to become a good and better person that what I am and I don’t know how to do it.
A: They often say happiness comes from yourself. In addition only you can solve your sadness. so, you can’t take sadness from other persons, but neither happiness from other persons. everything starts with yourself, do you want change in your life? it all begins with you.first you have to think, what do you want to do? who do you want to be?and then. nobody can stand you in the way, you can’t take no sadness from others. like if somebody makes an inconvenient comment, who are they to say something like say. that doesn’t mean you have to be egoistic like no one can hurt me I’m standing on all people, you know what attitude i mean (arrogant).but if someone makes a comment like that. and you’re taking it very serious, you’re actually taking their sadness. you don’t know in what situation they are. the only reason for make a nasty comment is to lose your sadness, and it doesn’t help but most of the teens think that. it’s actually making them more sad.so don’t let other people bother you if you want to change, if you have a good mood. depressive always starts when your unconscious taking sadness from others.just think who you want to be, and what and how.concentrate on the good things you have, the good things your family gave you, your friends, the education and wisdom that you’ve gotten. and while thinking of that try to orient your plans to rebuilt yourself.I’m hoping the best for you!
what is the best way to change your whole lifestyle and start to become a better person?
A: tear yorself down be honest about your flaws and rebuild yourself from your mistakes, let the past drive you not deprive you
What is the best thing to do to give up lent? Or what is the best way to become a better person?
A: Last year for Lent I gave up cigarettes. <<proudly still a non-smoker
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