What is the best way to prepare human flesh

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You would prepare human flesh the same way you prepare meat. Thanks for using ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-way-to-prepare-human-flesh ]
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What’s the best way to remove human flesh from a Husqvarna 350 Ch…?
Use a power wash, but remember to oil the chain afterwards

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Which is the best part in human flesh?
Q: If we are to consume one? And how should it be prepared…
A: Eat the butt, if it is a man. Mamary glands of a woman should be tasty, and they have sweet soft fillings too!
What does human flesh taste like?
Q: Also what are the best ways to prepare it?
A: The human flesh tastes salty! The best way to prepare it is with whipping cream, cool whip and strawberries. Gosh…don’t you just love sex?
Would you eat human flesh if you could get away with it?
Q: Properly prepared medallions of thigh maybe, or possibly a little liver? Sauteed with onions in a red wine sauce?
A: listen you! fat twerp!! ‘course i would!! i don’t know if it’s legal to say so.if my sister died and left it in her will that she didn’t want to be burried, she wanted to live on in me, either frozen and consumed piece by piece, in sandwiches, or in a feast with the rest of my family, yes it would be hard i admit 😀 but what can i say?i think that’s a more dignified way to go rather than just shoved into the ground to wait for the maggots and decay, at least this way, some of me lives on and i can know that i will (litteraly 🙂 be with the people i love most despite my unfortunate condition!!besides i wouldn’t complain much if the kebbabish next door served up a few ‘specialties’ & if it was made lawful imagine the number of people that would get off the dole if it was said 3 years on the dole without good reason and bam! “yer off ta see the chef!!” you commit crime and the second or third time police catch you “chef mate!” is all the coppers have to say. We’d have the lowest crime rates in the world in next to no time!!
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