What is the biggest fear in america

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Apparently the biggest fear in America is International Terrorism. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-biggest-fear-in-america ]
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What are the top ten biggest fears of america?
The top ten biggest fears in America are as follows: Economy Job Personal Finances Relationships Health Children Terrorist Attack Divorce Death Insignificance The only real fear we SHOULD have is; Am I right with God… Does Jesus live in m…
What is your biggest fear concerning America’s future??
The economy. I’m still worried about the economy and that it will be like it was during the Depression.
What is the greatest fear the American culture has of gay culture…?
It’s fear of the unknown. It goes back to what they always said: “You’re going to convert our children.” But I say, when was the last time a gay person knocked on your door and said, “Would you be interested in being a homosexual?” No, it…

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Polll: What is your biggest fear for America?
Q: Mine is the economy.
A: that obama will become president….yikes!
Would westward expansion have occurred if America’s 13 original colonies had Republican fear peddlers?
Q: If Republicans had been there, would they have developed their usual propaganda of fear? … to the extent that the brave pioneers may not have migrated their conestogas westward into dangerous uncharted territory?Shame on those who blindly succumb to typical Republican fear mongering tactics. We’ve heard it before … you are in grave danger and we, the Republican leadership are your sole protectors. … vote for us … In the meantime, pardon us while we strip you of your freedoms, dodge all accountibility, and create a culture that rewards the wealthy on the backs of the poor and middle classes.America was founded on bravery and heroics … not from cowering in fear at the thought of a big scary world out there.
A: The fear wouldn’t have kept them from claiming the land as their own. It just would have sped up the idea that if ONE indian is against the white people, they must ALL be, and we need to kill them all off to make room for our manifest destiny.
Are the Europeans greatest fear going to come true, that America would cut and run from the war?
Q: If I remember correctly, one of the big arguments against the war by Europe is that Americans are known for “cutting and running” – starting something massive but leaving the job without finishing it. Doing that has a dependency to cause major disasters. Were they right?
A: We would just withdraw our troops if America withdrew from the NATO Operation in Afghanistan. Such a split would undoubtedly see the end of NATO and US Bases in Europe and signal a new era of European Defence Cooperation.Britain lost 22 troops fighting in Southern Afghanistan last month and the figures this month are looking equally as bad.
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