What is the biggest study in psychology

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Clinical psychology is a branch of psychology where the main focus deals with the causes, diagnosis and treatment. It’s popular. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-biggest-study-in-psychology ]
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What’s a big issue in student psychology?
Employment is one of the biggest issues for students. From a psychological standpoint, unemployment can feel like a tragedy for young people. Students are under great stress to find good jobs. Contrary to common perceptions, college is not …

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What is a good college to study psychology? Particularly a bigger school,maybe somewhere northeast?
Q: I want to be a psychologist when I graduate and im looking for some good schools.i LOVE new york so anywhere around there would be great! And I really want to go to a really big college.any ideas??
A: Columbia
Which is the best university to study Psychology as an undergrad?
Q: I would like to know which are the best universities to study Psychology as an undergrad in the UK.It would be nice if it had a great campus and a big number of international students.
A: The ten best universities for Psychology in UK are:OxfordCambridgeYorkSt AndrewsNottinghamBathCardiffBristol Royal HollowayNewcastleIn that order. They all have fantastic facilities, and a large number of international students.
What colleges are good if you want to study psychology?
Q: i am interested in becoming a psychologist but i don’t know where to start…. i want to go to a big college but don’t know of any that have a good psychology program… thanks..
A: You need to first figure out what type of psychology you want to go into- clinical, social, developmental, counseling etc. Then from there you need to see which schools are strong in your choosen area. Not every school will have a strong program in every type of psychology
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