What is the Cannon-Bard Theory

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The Cannon-Bard theory is a psychological theory, which suggests that people feel emotions first and then act upon them. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-cannon%26%2345%3Bbard-theory ]
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What is the Cannon-Bard theory?
A psychological theory which suggests that people feel emotions first, and then act upon them. These actions include changes in muscular tension, perspiration, etc.
What did Cannon and Bard object to in the James-Lange Theory ??
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psychology question-James-Lange and Cannon-Bard theory?
Q: According to the James-Lange theory,the conscious experience of emotion __________ physiological arousal; according to the Cannon-Bard theory;the conscious experience of emotion _________ physiological arousala. percedes;followsb. coincides with, percedesc. follows, coincides withd. follows;percedes
A: C
1.Cannon-Bard theory identified the _as the brain organ that integrates the emotional response,while later?
Q: research has shown that the _controls emotionality.a.cerebellum; ponsb.cerebellum; motor cortexc.reticular formation; medullad.thalamus; hypothalamus/limbic system2. In the experiment by Schachter and Singer on emotional arousal, subjects who were given the drug but not told about its true effects became angry whena.the confederate told them to laughb.their food was taken awayc.the confederate became angryd.they were told the drug was a placebo3.In comparing PET scans of study participants, researchers discovered thata.Happiness and sadness were related to different brain wave patterns.b.Happiness and sadness were associated with different patterns of cortical activity.c.Happiness has a stronger biological component than sadness.d.Sadness is more often associated with neurological abnormalities.4.Paul contemplates what it means to be male in Tai culture. He is reflecting on hisa.sexb.genderc.androgynyd.sexual orientation
A: 1 a,d 2 d 3 b 4 b
Explain the Cannon-Bard Theory and Plutchik Fuctional Theory of emotion. Which do u like best? Why?
A: The cannon bard theory suggests that an emotionally arousing experience simultaneously triggers a physiological response (your heart begins pounding) and a subjective experience of emotion (I’m afraid of that huge bear about to eat me).The theory that proposes that emotion involves a chain reaction, including stimulus event, cognition, feeling, and behavior related to survival is the Plutchik functional theorem.I personally prefer the James-Lange theorem which basically says that our body’s action (heart pumping and other factors) causes our emotional response (fear of the hungry bear). If you’re ever feeling sad just smile. You will truthfully start to feel better just because you are smiling. -Best Wishes on your decision
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