What is the fear for phobias called

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As silly as it sounds, it really is called phobophobia. Want unlimited questions? Call them in at 1-800-2ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-fear-for-phobias-called ]
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What is the fear/phobia of a warm seat (someone elses body heat) …?
If you get too technical, phobias number more than anyone could categorize. The more important issue is what the phobia is GENERALLY about. In other words, what is the person’s issue that produces the phobia. It sounds to me like a hypochon…
What is the phobia related to the fear of the number 13 called??
Triskaidekaphobia. It’s Greek: tris, “three”; kai, “and”; deka, “ten.” When you break it down into parts that way, it also helps you pronounce it.
Does Anyone Know What The Phobia/Fear Of Tape Is Called??
I don’t think there actually is a name for that although of course I could be wrong, but anyway you could always search for it on www.phobialist.com

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What is a fear of phobias called?
Q: I do not have any specific phobias, but I do fear that I will develop a phobia. My heart is now pounding as I just realized that my fear of phobias might actually be a phobia.
A: It actually is phobophobia….and I think it’s contagious……(breathes into paper bag as the room closes in because it is full of too many people, spiders, and clowns)
What is the name of the phobia called for fear of becoming overweight?
Q: not like afriad but to stay average not under weight like anorexia
A: This phobia is called: obesophobiaNB: Anorexia is the fear of any weight gain and losing self-control.
What’s the phobia called of “fear of getting water in your ears?”?
Q: I can’t find it!If it is a phobia, I have that & I wan to know the name of it.Please helpp!:)
A: I am sorry, but I couldn’t find your phobia. Although I could find phobias related to wet ears:Water- HydrophobiaMoisture, dampness or liquids- HygrophobiaOcean or sea- Thalassophobia
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