What is the fear of cacti

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A fear of cacti has no known classification in the list of phobias. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-fear-of-cacti ]
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Is there a name for a fear cacti?
A phobia is basically a irrational fear of something. It is difficult to say whether the fear of …

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help! winter is coming and i fear for my house plants!?
Q: my plants always do better in the spring/summer time when they are outside 24/7. all my plants have blossomed into very full plants except for my boston fern-its not huge but better than the others ive had. winter is soon coming and i live in central pa. i fear my plants will die off again or dwindle dwn. esp my fern. i had a fern last year (a boston) and it did very well then all of a sudden it died. now this spring i got another and it is doing rather well concidering last years experiment. it has its growing spurts.what should i do to keep it from dying? everyone around me has what i call hanging bushes. ive asked around & from what they tell me they do im doing as well but yet still no true luck. my bthrm is quite small with VERY little light so i cant put plants in there.i have 4wondering jews, 1xmas cactus, 2aloe, 2heart-shaped vines, 1poinsetta & another i cant identify.my house isnt bright w/natural lt & my 4yr old wont let them alone or watch what hes doing. advice?
A: First of all, teach your 4 year old to leave the plants alone. No is a good word, use it strongly and frequently. Plants can be child friendly around friendly children. Have your child help you with them; nothing you have is poisonous or dangerous, so make your child a part of the solution not the problem. Second, you have some very nice plants, some of my favorites, but moving them inside will cause them some stress; it’s a given. If you plan ahead it shouldn’t be so bad, though. Clean them up and trim them back; I know it makes you feel awful to trim them, but they do need it now and then. Make sure there are no bugs on them and bring them inside dry. Make sure each plant has a place of it’s own, with a dish to catch water, and with light. The light doesn’t have to be sunlight. If you don’t want to invest in grow lights, then put lamps with flourescent bulbs in them around the plants. Maybe you can put a hanging light above them. Then buy at least one humidifier like the ones they sell in the drugstores for sinus problems. Keep it filled with water and run it for a few hours at least every other day. Spritz the plants with water, too (that’s a good job to have the 4 year old help with), and keep them from drying out. Don’t over water them, wet feet causes root rot. Cut feeding them to half as much. Winter is their less showy time and they will lose leaves and not be as happy. They can sure brighten your home during the winter though; it’s all about the moisture. Now, about that poinsettia, it needs at least 12 hours of darkness followed by 12 hours of light every day before it will turn red (or white or yellow or whatever color). It is not poisonous in spite of the bad press, but they are so tricky and can be the very devil to keep alive indoors. I wish you luck with it and hope it turns out well.
Vampires are in the cacti?
Q: Um…well I have some cacti, about three inches tall, and two vampires have taken up residence in them. So what can I do to get the vampires out? Please help, I fear for my poor little cacti…
A: Vampires have not taken up residence in your cacti, they are being held hostage by your cacti and they are ingesting them. (smile)
Constantly in fear of being fired; not finishing tasks… training?
Q: …the reason for this is I feel like I’m being given projects a little to advanced for my current skill level from an inexperienced manager. It’s perfectly clear to everyone that I’m learning & that it’s new, but deadlines still persist, projects are still unfinished, and some cold eyes stare — on top of that I’m not exactly the most “in” guy in the office. I think friendly, maybe just a bit left of the field though.Now I’m always honest about what I can do and try to paint a clear picture of what is and isn’t possible. But I’m still given task that inevitably hit roadblocks and halt production. What I once saw as a valuable opportunity to learn, it has morphed into an albatross that really affects my day to day… fear of losing a job, being unsure about my skills/career, second guessing the path that I’ve taken, etc., is pretty heavy stuff combined. To feel it all the time is quite a bit especially in this economy.On several occasions I’ve asked for training on the subject and/or help & have been denied each time – esp. with this economy.I’ve learned a fair amount of course under the pressure… which is great, but it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans if a task isn’t completed. And I feel worthless because of it so the things I’ve learned I don’t view as a benefit. So working with people that don’t really know how to manage people or assign tasks can get infinitely frustrating, but somehow it always seems that I’m the one they’re getting frustrated with. It’s a lose lose in a way.So do people normally have real training when given jobs. My job is very technical and some people have devoted their entire careers to the subject I’m trying to learn. I just kind of feel like I’ve got my hands tied behind my back and I’m being beaten with a cactus.
A: The best way to get through this is to give it your best. Spend all day on the projects your given, and dont stop working just when your off work. Take your job home if you can, and work hard at it until your happy with it. I know, it will be very stressful, but if you want to improve, you have to work hard at it in order to succeed. Im quessing by the sound of it your in either engineering or business of some sort. Both are very difficult career choices that will require you to do some hmwk at your house.Another tip is to talk to your manager one-to-one. Tell him that you are struggling with the projects being given. I would recommend this as your last choice because they may look more poorly on you. Avoid this choice if all possible, but keep it as your last alternative if working at home isnt working as well.Last tip is to do a little extra chores around your work area. Clean up an area if possible, or treat your fellow workers to a box of donuts in the morning or something. Put the extra effort in so others see you and say “Hey, that guy is a really hard worker”. Actually, one more tip. Dont view what you do as worthless. No one is perfect, and everyone always have something to learn. Some people learn faster than others, and some people forget more than others. No problem. Its natural to have human characteristics like that, dont let anyone put you down, and strive to improve yourself to the fullest. Good luck.
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