What is the fear of dead people

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Necrophobia or thanatophobia is the fear of death or dead things (e.g., corpses) as well as things associated with death. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-fear-of-dead-people ]
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What About A Fear Of Dead People?
Got the chance to co-host the morning show today on Magic 96.5 FM (Shannon- glad to hear Katie is doing ok) The topic was phobias. Lots of great calls but the one that caught me off guard was a call asking if it was normal to be afraid of a…

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How can I overcome my fear of dead animals?
Q: This sounds ridiculous. I’m 46, big and tall, but I have extreme fear of dead birds, rats, squirrels, and rabbits in my yard. It’s embarrassing my 76 yo dad sometimes help me to get rid of them. The other times I have to beg my wife to do it.Yesterday I found a dead rabbit in the backyard pond. Don’t know how to bring up the topic with my wife.
A: If it makes you sick, there is nothing you can do about it. It isn’t that you are scared of them, because they are dead.
What can cause an irrational fear of dead bodies?
Q: I have never had a traumatic encounter with anything dead, I love horror movies. In real life I have total panic attacks concerning dead bodies, including museum mummies.
A: probably just a little phobia…I have a friend who is terrified of chickens…why i dont know…but she said she never came encounter with any…
What are some ways for a child to learn to work with and not fear the ability to see dead people?
Q: My sister-in-law is a social worker and one of the cases she has currently is a girl with the ability to see dead people. The child is afraid of her ability and my sister-in-law would love to help her and her family develope a better understanding of this gift.
A: No one can “see dead people” except in the flesh so have her stop going to open casket wakes.
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