What is the fear of horse

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Hippophobia is the fear of horses. But many times the fear of horses is likely also fear of heights, which is equinophobia. Cha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-fear-of-horse ]
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How to Overcome a Fear of Horses
・ 1 Identify the source of your fear. If you simply do not have much experience with horses, it may be… ・ 2 Be aware that horses are intelligent animals and will sense your fear. If you are afraid, your horse… ・ 3 Attend organized ridin…
Why Horse Owners Fear Horse Air Travel
I have some friends who have owned horses for decades. They were terrified of shipping their animals by air. But the more I spoke with them, it was clear to me what they were really afraid of: the unknown. They didn’t know what was going to…
How can I overcome my fear of horses?
I suggest you get Horseback Riding lessons. Specially for the simply fact that when you begin there is no way the instructor wiill leave you alone with the horse. ( If you do classical riding ex. not cowboy style) Which will help you gain c…

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How does fear affect your horse riding?
Q: I have a fear of riding a horse, which does not appear totally uncommon. However, I am still willing to get on the horse – I just wanted to know if it will affect the way that the horse behaves when I am on him.
A: The horse is aware of your fear. However, if you tell the stables that you are afraid, they will put you on a horse who isn’t bothered by your fear. My uncle has a hair that is as calm as calm can be. You could set fireworks off her back and she’d just calmly turn around and look at you like “Come on, was that really necessary?” Most stables won’t put new (or scared) riders on a young horse. They’ll probably put you on an older, slower, calmer horse who couldn’t care less if you decide to tap dance in the saddle. Don’t worry. They’re big, but gentle. Also, it’s not that far to the ground. It seems like it is, but I’ve fallen off some pretty big horses and I was unharmed (except for my pride).
Would you rather prefer to risk dying riding a fierce horse or sit with fear and never ride it?
Q: Honest answers please.I would rather die riding a fierce horse, than fear…mistake;Sit aside with fearSometimes, life goes away even if don’t want to. So why fear for this life?I mean if you had to ride a fierce horse, and if you had no choice!
A: Hey, Nuwanda, are you reading my mind? Are you journeying in my experiences?Listen to that one: I had once a patient who was dying of cancer, a young patient, maybe 30. While I was taking care of her, she suddenly grabbed my hand and said to me: I have done horse-back riding since I was very young, All I want to do is ride now, ride as fast as I can, and die, on my horse!What a lesson for me, Nuwanda!Yes, I would prefer to ride a fierce horse and die on it, in action, while living, than sitting with fear and never ride.But we also have the expression: to live on the edge.If we do not live on the edge, are we living?
Nervous Around Big Horses – How to Overcome Fear and Not Let Horse be Dominate?
Q: I get a bit nervous around horses. They’re such big and powerful creatures and I’m small and short and often feel like a big horse could easily squish me or accidentally smoosh me.But I don’t want big horses to know I’m nervous and I don’t want them to be all bossy towards me.So how do I overcome my fear and how do I show a big horse that I’m in charge?
A: my instructor once told me that horses have no sense of your size, just the energy that you have. they aren’t going to treat a small person, like you or me any different than a 6 ft person if you both have the same confidence or dominance. there is also no difference between the big horses as the small horses, if you look at the way that they think. just because the big shire is several times bigger than a little shetland pony doesn’t make the shire think of himself as superior to the pony, or any human for that matter. horses are naturally flight animals. they aren’t going to try and squish you, and are usually very aware of their surroundings and know exactly where you are at all times. just stay confident when you are around any horse and the horse will regard you as the “herd leader.” Its very normal to be a bit afraid of horses, but just remember that the horse is more often scared of you!
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