What is the fear of parents

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Soceraphobia is the fear of parents-in-law. That is the closes I could find for fear of parents. Happy holidays from ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-fear-of-parents ]
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Why Conservative Parents Fear Obama’s “Socialist Youth”…?
Florida Republican party chair Jim Greer spoke for many conservative parents when he explained why he’s against President Obama’s speech to schoolchildren on Tuesday: he’s “appalled that taxpayer dollars are being used to spread Presid…
What do parents fear?
Well, I’m 15 and don’t want a child now, but I do believe I want a few 7-10 years from now. One of my biggest fears for my child would be to the fear of them being unloved, unappreciated, and, unhappy. In my opinion, love and happiness is m…
How to Get Over Fear of Being Embarrassed by Parents?
・ 1 Talk to your parents calmly and respectfully when you want them to change their behavior. Avoid being… ・ 2 Choose your battles when confronting your parents. Your parents may not change all of their actions… ・ 3 Give your parents ki…

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Do you think companies captialize from the fear of parents?
Q: With my first child I bought so many things because I was afraid something was going to happen to her and some sort of gadget was going to prevent it from happening. In the end she really didn’t need much of anything. I think a lot of things are being marketed to parents fears. Like my child won’t be smart enough so let me get a 59.99 leap frog notebook. There are so many things I can’t name them all! What do you think?
A: I agree with the person who mentioned the super-expensive strollers and carseats. It’s all about money. Even with smaller things- like detergent for babies that are supposedly more gentle. In reality they add fragrances to that stuff to give it the baby smell so if your kid does have sensitive skin you can’t use it lol. I’d say 90% of the stuff geared towards kids is nothing but marketing gimmicks. That doesn’t mean that some things aren’t fun to buy but they definitely aren’t necessary for kids to grow up smart, safe and healthy. And yes, I do think they use instilling fear in parents to increase sales… Thudguard for learning to walk, anyone? LOLhttp://www.thudguard.com/
how does one go about getting the fear of parents, back into the kids of this American society?
Q: Like the Chinese kids are much more behaved, and smarter, than the Average American kid. And Obama even said that Muslims in American are smarter on average than us Americans. so since this all starts from the house, how can the America parents, but the fear of them into their children?
A: Maybe they should be responsible parents and quit making excuses for why their children act the way they do. A little bit of discipline, keeping your word, not giving them everything they want, but making them earn it go a long way with kids. Manners, respect for your elders, and consequences for your actions will take them further in life than anything else.My wife is a Kindergarten teacher and she had to start having parents sign contracts at the beginning of the year acknowledging the curriculum she would teach and the rules of her classroom. that way there were no misunderstandings later in the year. Can you believe that her first week as a teacher, these 5 and 6 year olds were bringing IPhones and Blackberries to school? WTF does a Kindergartener need an IPhone for?
Parents fear for selves and others over neighbor insanity?
Q: My parents have been having sort of a land fued with their neighbor over the past three years. Now she has gone insane and resources say she has a split personality. She already has made threatening remarks and the police have told my parents that they cannot do anything until the woman is caught doing something illegal. My question is what kind of action can my parents take at this point to protect themselves?
A: They can get a restraining order against her if she threatens them. They don’t need to waste money on a lawyer. They just go to the police station and fill out a form, and if she threatens them again the police come out and arrest her.
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